Marathon 2: Durandal was the first sequel in the Marathon series of science fiction first-person shooter computer games from Bungie Software. It was released on November 24, 1995. The game is mostly set on the fictional planet of Lh'owon, homeworld of the S'pht, and once again the player takes the role of a Security Officer from the Marathon.

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Best video game of all time, IMHO. It's as perfect as electronic media can get.


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Marathon is a unique and fulfilling experience, Marathon was able to spawn Bungie 3 games (More were planned but never happened) due to the success of the game.
originally "The Mac's answer to Doom", Bungie's marathon is a first person shooter from 1996 where the player is a security guard sent to stop a hostile alien invasion, at the end of Marathon 1, you are placed into stasis by your A.I "teammate" Durandle to be used later in his plans.
This is where Marathon 2 begins, Durandle has allied himself with the alien slaves you rescued back on the UESC Marathon and is heading to their home planet in search of a weapon to use against the Pfhor slavers.
Gameplay wise, this game is not that strong, it may have features such as duel wielding smaller weapons (Pistols, shotguns and your fists) as well as a having few bigger weapons in your arsenal (Machineguns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, energy pistols and alien rifles) but on the harder difficulties you will be destroyed, seriously "Total Carnage" difficulty will have you doing the the first few levels for hours, but to help with this, the BOBs you rescued are now equipped with pistols to help you kill enemies... only for them to get stuck in a corridor...

Despite its flaws, Marathon is a worthy game for any gamers collection...



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