Machina Bit.Tron is an 8-bit rhythm game. With constant updates, DLC, adding your own music, and new features that are planned to be added, try out your rhythm and play this ongoing developing game!

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DLC, gameplay, and more.


Sorry for lack of posting, I've been a bit busy working on various other projects at the moment, but I've done stuff!

Sound Effects
Seems a bit weird, that Machina previously didn't have any sound effects, but they're done, including sounds for selection, hitting, missing, and fading.

Scoring's done!
Yep, this is an important one! Because fMod has been irritating me for the past week, I've done my best to avoid it, but now that I've figured out how to check when a song's ended, I've been able to do scoring! You can either hit or miss, anyway, but you can get combos, combo additions, and you'll receive a percentage. I'll add an actual scoring system later on too, so you'll be able to properly share your scores, and I'll also be adding a high-score table soon too.

Difficulty's also done.
You can select easy, medium, or hard. Easy uses QWE, and can have 2 pips appear at a time. Medium uses QWER, and can have 3 pips appear at a time, and Hard uses QWERT, and can have 4 pips appear at a time.

So, as part as DLC, I have several packs ready to go! On offer, I have:
- Hit the Koopa (Super Mario Bros series)
- It's dangerous out there! (Legend of Zelda series)
- Unsung (Unknown NES games)
- Ability Enhancing Pills (Atari games)
- botnik (Sonic games)
- Chiptune #1 (Mixed chiptune pack)

In order to read any updates, check out!
Thanks for reading.

Check out our new site!

Check out our new site!


Just showing the new site -- and the plans for the newer updater.

So, what next?

So, what next?


An overview of the things to come. Including multiplayer, difficulty, redesigning, and downloadable content!

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Machina:: Bit.Tron [v1.0_00]

Machina:: Bit.Tron [v1.0_00]

Full Version

This is the first final release of Machina! Pretty much everything (apart from scoring) that needs to be done for the final game is done! Don't be afraid...

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