As a little alien that falls off the moon, you have to make your way back. The objective is to get home again using one of the six possible exits hidden on a large mountainside. This is the 2013 edition which includes widescreen support, wider controller compatibility, new locations, bug fixes, auto-save when you collect items, and loads of new little features.

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sounds good

The user interface in the game is minimal. There is no menu, no options. To exit the game you just press the escape key or alt+F4. As such, you will need to figure out the controls, which is not that hard.

This game is all about exploration and ambience. If you're looking for copious amounts of action and battles, this is not the game for you.

The ambience and environments look wonderful. Sometimes it is best to look at the environment for a while as you complete the one of many objectives to get back to the moon.


Won't accept my joypad, won't accept joy2key, won't accept x360ce.


I understand that the lack of an explanation is part of the exploration, which is the whole point of the game, but it is kind of dull. There are other games that are similar, but they do something that makes you want to continue, to learn, to explore, to want to play on. Once I got into the game and found some key items that allowed me to continue on, the game got better, but for a new player the game makes no great first impression. If you are playing this, give it at least 30 mins before passing judgement. Thankfully, the progress does in fact save when you escape and close the program.

no title screen, no control options/explanation (does not really apply for me cuz i play with xbox controller but i can see teh trouble for others), it's an empty world and quite dull... only water is to be found on some "obstacles"

I love this game! The near total lack of explanation is wonderful! I've had a great time exploring as I seek to reach the moon the 6th way.

world is too empty. too lazy maybe?


What a beautiful game!

I only played for 15 minutes, the first five trying to figure out why i couldnt get the game menu open to use fullscreen. I realised there was no menu and moved along in windowed mode. My first impression when I started was that I liked the way the "toon" moved/jumped, couldnt wait to fight some baddies. I wandered around dropping from ledge to ledge and hopping up on a few inbetween, but the "baddies" never showed up, I was just wandering around jumping and falling and jumping and falling get it. I got bored and turned the game off to read the Desura store page for the game desciption ( "As a little alien that falls off the moon, you have to make your way back. The objective is to get home again using one of six possible exits hidden on a large mountainside."). This game is completely about wandering around. No obsticles, no baddies, no fun stuff in my opinion. I always thought the worst part of most games i have played was not knowing where to go and being forced to wander around till i find the next thing to do. To be fair, maybe I didnt play long enough to encounter anything to do besides .....wander around. I wont be playing again to find out.
I hate giving bad reviews because I have alot of respect for indie game developers. I gave this a 3 because it has potential to be fun but it doesnt have anything to do in it but WANDER AROUND!

hello guys, well I bought the game, but still could not understand the game, also thought the menu is missing, do not know which key to use, but ultimately the game looks pretty cool

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