Lugdunon is a 2d multiplayer RPG / sandbox game that is reminiscent of the 16 bit console era. Lugdunon runs within your web browser, so no client download is needed. Lugdunon can also be played ‘on the go’ on mobile devices such as iPads and Android tablets. Players can engage in combat with each other or with NPCs, craft and trade items, empower their character with the advancement system, place and decorate in-game signs using the full-featured sign editor, and more! However, what is really interesting about Lugdunon is the ability to take the game and truly make it your own. With powerful in-game editors available to players who have been designated ‘Game Masters’ and the ability to run your own server, the sky is the limit! Currently, from within the game itself, Game Masters can create new crafting recipes, add and edit NPCs, paint the landscape using up to 16 terrain layers, raise and lower elevation to create cliffs and chasms, place items, and edit NPC spawn points.

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Jul 15 2013 Anchor

Hello I love everything of the late 8-bit and the early 16-bit stuff, both consoles and PCs from that time (:
I myself have some old stuff...
Anyway I came across this game here on my threat I made here ( I put spaces between letters in the HTTP, remove the spaces to make the link work) h t t p ://
And will surely play this game ^.^
~Me out~

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Jul 15 2013 Anchor

Xavion has arrived! Came from Topia as well, it looks good so far.

Jul 16 2013 Anchor

Thanks so much Xavion for your help tonight. Your input was invaluable!

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