His childish innocence wasn’t meant to last long, oh no: When little Lucius was born on the meaningful date of June 6th, 1966, nobody expected him to be anything other than a normal little boy. Everything changes when Lucius turns 6...

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Lucius... A game I very much looked forward to playing. Banned in my country, I had to go through a friend's account to gain access to it, but the effort seemed worth it. The concept: Amazing. The graphics: Alright. The gameplay: Acceptable. The bugs: HELL. The game has a very nice concept - it really brings a bit of change into the world of horror games. However, the amount of bugs encountered in this game make it unenjoyable. To be honest, if I hadn't done this for YouTube, I would not have continued at multiple occasions.

Too bad, because - again - I really enjoyed the concept of this game and was very much looking forward to playing it.

If you're interested, here is my full playthrough of the game! (Link to the playlist) Youtube.com

$25 for a short linear game, no thanks.

It has really cool graphics! Its fun and I loved it!


This game is worth a play - very fun and different, stop moaning about the prices and buy the thing...-.-

This game was awesom, i loved the fact that it was a game were u were a demonspawn not an afraid guy running


saw pewdie play it

a fun little slasher esque title (with you as the slasher)reminds me a bit of naughty bear but better this game however is slightly buggy and the story is not much to talk about not to mention the kills often arent very creative in addition the game is barely a challenge not to mention very short still the premise holds up pretty well and i think most people will play this all the way through its not worth 10 out of ten like some of the people on desura throw around but its defintely worth your time if you like the premise and if you can get it cheap you should try it but not for 30 pounds. only get it if you like the premise and if you can get it for 15 - 20 pounds other wise its not worth your money


hopo182 says

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ok so i got this game with pretty high expectations, i like the whole idea of it, but it could of been portayed in a much better way.
i mean the devil guy looks like a joke,he should be more dark and scary, the whole suit thing just makes it a joke.
im at the 3rd killing so far, and its getting abit repetitive, get this, kill him/her.
Dont get me wrong! its well worth a play, but dont expect a master piece.
i wouldnt advice paying £17 for this either, download from a torrent site for free.


stjohnj says

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I really like this game and the idea of the son of Lucifer. The game really has some cool ways to kill people but honestly the story line of the game makes no sense what so ever.Lucius manages to kill all the members of the family and even the workers in the house including the deputy. The ending is a also atrocious with characters who are idiotic with no clue of whats going on.


ervintibay says

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