Love Sniper is a free comedy BxG Visual Novel which is developed by B Dash Suisen and translated/localized by roseVeRte. The main character, Heiji, is a boy who tried to confess his love using a love letter. Too bad, the girl Ageha doesn't seem to be happy even after she got it. Heiji became upset, and suddenly a cupid named Picchu came to him and offered him help to make his love come true. What will happen to Heiji's love then?

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It's a great game, everything was fluid and deep :D Its very close to perfection, just needs a little bit more work on the grammar and spellings with occasional typo fixes.


Love Sniper is not to be taken seriously in any way, shape or form. Its story, if you can call it that considering how light it is, is just a convenient excuse to see how many twisted ways Heiji’s desires can be destroyed. It is a decent mix of dark humor and the regular variety with light jabs to romance clichés. And while there are some truly hilarious and memorable endings, there is a good chunk of the endings are pretty forgettable because they’re either too serious or the joke just doesn’t translate to ‘funny’ in English.

Unfortunately, that’s just the law of the jungle. But what does work works very well; including the main character Heiji. As the center of this unfortunate string of events, we have to not only laugh with him and at him, but also sympathize with him. And the timing of his dialogue is so sharp that we manage to feel all three when appropriate. I can only compare him to Daffy Duck or Tom (of Tom and Jerry of course) where knowing something bad is going to happen to him makes you laugh.

What will also make you laugh is the little devil that’s interjected himself in Heiji’s situation. Picchu is an arrogant, ridiculous looking thing who levels the playing field a bit in that no one is expected to feel sorry for him. His banter with Heiji is rightfully the highlight of the game and the two make a great tandem. Unfortunately you never really feel like Picchu gets his comeuppance for being so arrogant, but at least the ‘apple’ gets flicked around a few good times.

Love Sniper was fun for what it was. The plot was pretty endearing and several endings will leave you on the floor laughing. But once I stopped playing it, a good portion of it began to fade away. It's the unfortunate reality of making something so short and focused on just the laughs, but it's a game with a goal and it does deliver on it.


Short, but I rather enjoyed this game. Good comedy, absolutely love it and recommend it if you are bored ^,^

Yes, it's short on the first playthrough but repeat plays for other endings are a lot of fun. Just don't have a seizure when you're fast forwarding through repetative text @_@. Plus, it's free....


I thought it was very fun, the various endings had me laughing and the change in dialogue from time to time kept me wanting to play for the endings. Not bad, not bad at all

Very funny, but also with very dramatic scenes involving the wide sides of erasers being used.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Hours, literally, hours, wasted. Of repeting. And repeting.

Is there anything to gain from this? No.

Please, everyone. For the sake of Desura. Try. Try at your games. This is the second game I've played that's bad. The other was Kill Craft 2.

But, this, takes the cake.

I think it's easier to not bother getting this. Then to try to get what's going on in this rushed title.

Harmless little (free) visual novel, without any mind-blowing twists but home to a couple bemusing resolutions. -w- Took me a bit of time to grow aware of the 'method' to access the good ending...sly, nya~ Worth the download if ya wanna check out the structure of a visual novel or would like merely to witness a brief, goofy plot. ^.^


Ok, the "anime style" is nice, but the story is too much "weak" and... too fast! There's still a lot to do. :)


Needs Multilenguage support.

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