Lost Wish: In the desperate world is a 2D side-scrolling metroidvania platformer. Go on a journey with a young girl, overcome all obstacles on her path and uncover secrets of this dark world!

Kana may look like a pure and innocent girl, but don't be fooled by her appearance. She is led by the desire of revenge. Even if she has recovered from her past, she still wants to follow her way.

Kana asks Alice to help her to find somebody, who betrayed her in past. But will she stop after that? How the poor girl will affect this cruel world? Will she ever find her lost wish?

  • Wonderful pixel art - a lot of pixelated grapghics
  • Challenging battle mechanics - think when to attack and roll, rush may be fatal
  • Different items - use them to get an advantage in battle
  • Anime-styled dialogues - fully hand drawn anime sprites
  • Large metroidvania - more than 400 rooms to explore
  • Sidequests - one of them is a key to a lot of answers
  • Story - this is the main thing I want to show to you
  • Bizzare references - to ease the atmosphere a bit

Most of the story concepts of this game are connected to characters, their feelings and desires. Kana is a girl who was stabbed in the back a lot of times, Alice is a girl, who is too kind for this cruel world, Do... Oh no, it would be a spoiler )

After 3 years of development, the game is finally on Steam! (almost). I am really happy to launch my first game. The original idea was to make a visual novel (lol), but in the process the story became shorter and it even changed the whole genre! I really like platformers like this one, so I tried to make a game that fits my likings the best. Hope you'll like it!

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The new update of the «Lost Wish: In the desperate world» has been released!

This update mostly contains balance changes. The basic difficulty now called "normal mode" and the harder one is "hard mode". I originally designed the game to be "hard mode" only, but it appeared to be too difficult for most of the players. That's why now there is a "normal mode" buy default. It should be easy enough even for those, who don't usually play platfromers or metroidvanias.

What about SALE? The steam "Going Rogue Sale" is already there! You can check prices to all rouglikes, metroidvanias and soulslikes you want, they probably will be on this sale. Along with the Lost Wish: In the desperate world!

steam page

difficulties changed[/b]
•"easy" mode is now "normal" mode
•"normal" mode is now "hard" mode
all difficulties:
•first boss deals less damage on the 2nd phase
easy (now normal) mode:
•turned on by default (if you launch the game for the first time)
•almost all mobs became easier
•mimics deal less damage
•almost all bosses became a bit easier
Old easy mode effects are untouched (slightly more damage, more hp from the start, more hp from hearts and healling effects, passive hp regen)
normal (now hard) mode:
•3d "??? " boss have slightly more HP
Game design:
•menu now have some additional effects
•the tip on how to beat the 2nd "???" boss is now showed before the battle (instead of when dying)
•living statues in the City of Lost now have an additional visual effect
•there is now a confirmation sign when you try to delete the save
Bug fixes:
•screenshots fixed
•some small bugs fixes

Some screenshots of the game:


«Lost Wish: In the desperate world» steam page is live!

«Lost Wish: In the desperate world» steam page is live!


The steam page of the pixel platfromer metroidvania «Lost Wish: In the desperate world» is ready!

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