Longshot is a game about space combat. The majority of the gameplay is dueling with other ships, flying maneuvers with allies and destroying the enemy. You play a merc either for the humans or the aliens. There are six ships on each side, two of each of three different classes. There are four weapon types and two missile types. There is a central base which can be captured to allow you to build automated defense turrets. The purpose of the game is either to destroy the enemy base or hold the central base long enough to win.

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The game has bug's like no sound on some weapons or all weapons but overall the game is good. 2 teams go against each other in a map. There should be more maps and sounds for this game but i give it a 8/10 for a simple awsome game :)


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Minimal game, but quite a bit of fun, especially with human opponents. I really like the music!

Skirmish mode is basically team multiplayer where the goal is to destroy your opponents base. Gameplay reminds me a lot of Spectre VR, except now there are multiple levels up and down which you can switch between. You can choose between several ship types and customize your weapons/equipment.

I couldn't control the game completely from my gamepad, but if that were fixed I could imagine this on one PC with four players/gamepads (not enough couch co-op PC games these days!)


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