A technical demonstration of realistic liquid simulation for Minecraft, Liquid Cubed is a WIP project where you can build dams, pump water, drain lakes, and otherwise experiment with the liquid system within the building area. ------- The algorithm used for the liquid simulation was developed over two years by in a modified version of Infiniminer. After Minecraft's wild success, we thought it was about time we built a standalone "proof-of-concept" in the hope that the algorithm could be integrated within Minecraft, but unfortunately more work will have to be done before this can become a reality.

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Aiyoux says

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I. WANT. THIS. IN. MINECRAFT!!!!!! It works awesomely.

Awesome, I wish this was in minecraft!

great techdemo!


This Good water engine

I like this game

But do not do the multiplayers

Will Update ?

All kinds of neat. Keep up the great work, guys!


GRX01 says

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Totally great idea. The possibilities are endless, especially with the new larger map spaces. Running ATI graphics, and it works perfectly.


Great- for a technical demonstration. That being said, however, this is still a great game, and has consumed hours of my time as I build closed loop fountains or gigantic dams. This is why this game gets a 10/10- it is a technical demonstration that feels like a game, not some cheesy program thrown together in a couple of weeks. Go on, download it, and let your imagination run wild.



szx says

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I love open source!




From description, video, images looks awesome.BUT ATi video cards is not supported FOR NOW so this game gets 7/10 rating from me =].


Many updates been made since my review. ATI cards are half way fixed, new features. 9/10. Looking forward for new textures.

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I. WANT. THIS. IN. MINECRAFT!!!!!! It works awesomely.

Jan 11 2011 by Aiyoux