Lift aims to make a Mech based multi-player game, doesn't just LOOK like the anime its based off of, but feels like the anime its based off of. You will fly thought the sky and battle for your life, in over the top action packed mech battles. Battle on the ground or in the sky on Reff boards that give you control over crazy amounts of power and speed. Keep an eye on Lift, and check out our forums to get the full story on what this mod aims to do, as well as up to date news!

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So Lift. Lift is a quite nice game it gave me a whole new style of playing which im lovin'.

Though my pc isn't capable of handling pit map i don't know why its so laggy when i play in it on Fastest options.It is not optimized, or its just my pc ?

So the only thing that really annoyed me was sensitivity of mouse. Definetly.
I used to like super sensitive mouse settings. But this is way too much .
Sometimes it gets really difficult to move camera around esspecially when you're being eureka .

And try to change your lfo model fast and multiple times, one model just stays and then other model shows up on top of it.

and about menu's they look very old style, i know that they aren't on high priority ,you could make tech do some photoshoping and menus would be alright(not reffering to the main menu).

And as for me the spearheads controls to go up and down with q and e is absolutely ridiculous but its just my opinion.

One more thing missles are so op and easy to use compared to other weapons . againt its just my opinion.

oh and reffing with eureka is so fun . shame theres no place for doing that despite the pit map

And movement in car mode is kind of strange. how lfo react to the turns you make is so unrealistic .

So sorry for my spelling and good luck on developement progress, if youre still doing it


Be advised this reveiw serves two purposes...

Lift is the best eureka 7 game out there so far. While it may not be as polished as New wave and new vision, you don't need to polish dedication and quality. There is a good selecton of weapons and LFOs with the ability to change the colour scheme of your LFO (Mine is a red and gold 606) giving you seemingly endless customisation options.

What can I say, I love this game, it takes me back to the anime, the way the LFOs move and look, the details replecated to the exact details. It is so awesome.

The worst thing about this game though is that it appears to be dead with only a base release, so this is my personal plee to Lift Studios. Please finish lift, us Eureka 7 gamers want it, no, we need it. Free us from the usual mediocre releases and save us with epic refboarding, LFO slicing, trapar riding action.

Haven't tried it out yet, but I think it's EPIC!


I love this game its really is the best for anyone who watched the anime. Now that its been just over 4 years I'd love to see you guys fix this game up and make it up to today standards. but you don't have to, its just a suggestion. Thank you for amazing game. I'm going to tell all of my friends about this game.


cuz its one of my best games ever i want to make mor mods soo people can play lift more




Awesome game I would have to say! Just sad that it is no longer in development. The game could of gone far... but anyways if you like eureka seven this is the game for you it might have its flaws but what do you expect its in alpha. So start playing now get your E7 fans to play it and have a blast.

Wish they released the source code so other people could continue the project.


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Considering this is a fan-made game-mod, the world graphics are really great. It does need some work, where the LFOs clip objects and adding more characters would be a plus. Besides that, I hope to see this project progress and evolve. Ever since the Eureka SeveN series, I know fans--including myself--desire games like this! I do recommend that people try this out.


awesome anime and its out 10 for that

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