Lexicon is a first person shooter game mixed with a horror game. The year is 2200 and humanity finds itself in a struggle against an alien race that has been dubbed "The Arakniaks" for their spider-like appearance. The Arakniaks are attacking the human planet Octanus for unknown reasons. Your player is part of a regular fire-team of men called "Fireteam Sirius." You are among the first to experience these aliens. As the fight progresses, your squad learns more and more about these aliens, their past, and the horrible future you now share...

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A quick summary of the work I've done recently. About 99%, if not all of it, has been towards building physics.

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+Added per-geometry texturing for buildings
+Added structural stability testing through percentage-check
+Fixed lots of performance bugs
-Fixed grenades sucking
-Rewrote shot-casting, it's more efficient now
-Rewrote tons of the player update loop. It's a lot less bogging now.

Upcoming plans:
+I'll be re-creating the class creation screen for several reasons:
1. To support armor customization
2. To support attachments for weapons
3. To be more informative
4. To look spiffier
5. To add support for customizing grenades, abilities, etc.
6. Because I don't like it how it is right now

+I've done some research and started learning animation in Blender. The problem is, since the weapons are procedural I have to animate them through code. Blender will be used to animate things like running/walking/jumping, etc. but most of the weapon animations will be done through code.

+I recently met someone that's interested in helping with audio effects. If all goes well, there may be the beginnings of sound.

+I'll be starting on basic scripting and gamemodes soon. I've already got K/D tracking added.

+After all of that is done and I have some free time, I... (help me lord) will be starting on AI.

That's all for now!

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