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A mind-bending isekai other-world science adventure! On a quest to rescue the Princess from the Demon Lord, Brane encounters an eccentric young woman claiming to be from another world—one with “RPGs” and “video games”!? Epic battles, loveable heroines, and real scientific theory!



The simulation hypothesis.
The idea that what is real, really isn't real.

A thought that must have crossed everyone's mind at least once at some point.

Two years have passed since the fate of the world hung in the balance. An epic clash of good versus evil which ended in victory for the heroes of the Gregorian Empire. An ancient monster was sealed, and the Demon Lord beaten into retreat.

Peace and prosperity reigned, and the three pillars of Gregoria: Religion, Science, and Magic, were able to flourish in this time. But the Demon Lord has risen again—kidnapping the Princess of Gregoria and imprisoning her in his castle on Demon Island. Under the command of the courageous Lady Hadrienne, an army of brave Gregorian Knights and recruits set out from the Imperial capital of Clavius to rescue their princess. But the demons are waiting for them. There are a lot of demons.

It is on this ill-fated mission that we meet a Knights’ Guild recruit named Brane. Separated from his squad on the battlefield, he encounters an eccentric young woman who materializes before him in a flash of light, claiming to be from another world!? While spouting nonsense about “RPGs”, “video games” and “levelling up”, she drags Brane on a life-changing journey to vanquish the forces of evil! Wait, that’s not quite right. To uncover the secrets of the universe? There’s definitely some of that. To find a heroine to join her on this wacky self-insert “isekai” other-world science adventure!? Now we’re talking.

Secrets… Secrets that will challenge the very fabric of existence itself.

Legend of Everything Features

  • A mind-bending isekai story by Yusdi Saliman, award winning author of An Octave Higher and One Small Fire at a Time
  • Gripping battle scenes-it's a wild demon slaying good time
  • Loveable heroines to warm your heart and jump-start your brain
  • Explore all three pillars of Gregorian Society: Religion, Science, and Magic
  • QED sidestories-Learn a thing or two about quantum mechanics from your anime VN
  • A sweeping epic that leaves you feeling like you just experienced the best 2-cour isekai content of your life
  • There's a catgirl maid who fights for catgirl rights-must protecc


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Kidalang and Yusdi Saliman today announced the release of Legend of Ren'AI, an experimental visual novel whose scripts were generated by an AI neural network! This process was completely automated and involved no manual curation or manual fixes.

It was created by automatically translating text that was generated by OpenAI's GPT-2 “medium”-sized language model into Ren'Py scripts. The neural network was fine-tuned with scripts from Legend of Everything, whose characters and settings are featured in this game. New scripts can also be generated and inserted into the game using the neural network model.


Key Features:

  • Neural Network brilliance
    • fine-tuned with scripts from “isekai” visual novel Legend of Everything
    • no manual curation or manual fixes: unadulterated machine-written content
  • -Infinite AI-driven possibilities
    • Comes pre-scripted with dozens of AI generated scenarios & branching paths to explore
    • Generate new original scripts using the neural network model
  • It's actually hilarious
    • The robots are coming for our jobs

Get Legend of Ren'AI for free from the official page: Legend of Ren'AI




Legend of Everything: now out on Steam!

Legend of Everything: now out on Steam!


Fantasy and science collide in this “isekai” visual novel: a mind-bending story which transports the reader to another world. Epic battles, loveable...

Developer Interview: Yusdi Saliman

Developer Interview: Yusdi Saliman


Quantum Physics and Catgirls: peek inside Schrodinger's box in this post-release creator interview for Legend of Everything!


Wonderful characters!

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