Last Dream: World Unknown is the rich result of over four years of intensive development. This vast RPG is both a standalone adventure and the thrilling sequel to the breakout game, Last Dream, and incorporates the best features of classic RPGs: replayability and complete immersion into a vibrant world.

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TeaTao2 says

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The classic of classics. Last Dream is the RPG you know and can deeply explore. A masterpiece in the unlikely realm of RPGMaker.


blastoise777 says

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The 920-page Strategy Guide alone deserves a 10/10. Even at nearly 1000 pages, the Guide actually leaves a lot out. Last Dream: World Unknown contains SO MUCH CONTENT... it's amazing. Fantastic game.


AddictedToRPG says

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This game takes me back to the good old days playing Final Fantasy I. But this is not just a regeneration of FF… this is a JRPG on steroids with all those modern features that you would have loved back in the day. Pick your party, pick your difficulty, pick your encounter rate… there is so much customization.

Here a list of what I like so far:

1) Customization… there’s a lot of it!
2) Incredible attention to detail. The first town is huge and filled with a wide variety of characters.
3) Beautiful mapping – The towns and dungeons and nicely laid out.
4) Most importantly… an extremely well-balanced battle system…

I have to go into a little bit more depth on the battle system because it deserves it. It easily rivals, if not betters (blasphemy, I know), our childhood favorites like Chrono Trigger or FF III.

First of all, you build your characters based on Ability Points. Each time you level up, you get an allotment and then it’s up to you to create your character. I really love this flexibility… even though I’ve selected a specific class, there are many ways that I could build them. In my first playthrough, I’m building a classic style Knight with plenty of attack, but I’d like to experiment with a tanky build.

Secondly skills are learned by earning Skill Points in battle (or purchasing orbs at stores). You can pick the skills that are most useful to you, or you can get them all if you’re a completionist like me =).

I’ve picked Hard for my first playthrough, and I have to say, it feels just right. In a lot of the games I’ve played in the past, I end up overleveled because I fully explore each area, so having the ability to bump up the enemy strength is great!

There is also a synthesis system that I haven’t explored too much yet, but looks really interesting.

All in all, this game is exactly what I’ve been looking for and I’m really looking forward to playing through the rest.


AndersonBeth32 says

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The mini-stories are a substantial added bonus to World Unknown: stories within stories. My expectations were high, but World Unknown met those expectations. My complaint? There is so much innovative work here that I thought 2-player UI would be possible. Like Last Dream, World Unknown is still single player. I think this is a missed opportunity, but aside from that, everything here is pure gameplay. Excellent: 9/10.


ToEndlessAbyss says

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Outstanding follow-up to the brilliant Last Dream 1. Please take my money. ;)


BlakeStamos says

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I am a huge fan of Last Dream and this sequel delivers beyond even my high expectations.

Outstanding game world with colorful NPCs, excellent mapping, and that sense of mystery that is so essential to RPGs.

Solid 10. Excellent!


FFIandFFVI says

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The 900-page Strategy Guide says it all. This game is massive and well done. So much attention to detail. Absolutely the best. 10/10!!


jessicapatt27 says

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I love the writing and the first bustling city, as well as all the new characters in the Harbor and Mercenaries' Guild - ha, they're great!

Thank you devs for continuing the Last Dream series!

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