Jump, dodge and explore in the search for your Owlfriend who has been kidnapped by Wizzord the magic space frog! Playing as Lasercat, you need find all of the keys in the fortress to unlock Owl's prison cell. A retro styled exploration platform game featuring 225 rooms filled with traps, creatures and deadly, deadly lava. Winner of several indie awards and featured on EGM News editor Eric Patterson's GOTY 2011 top list (Xbox 360 version).

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Nice game that is exactly like Jet Set Willy from 30 years ago. The only differences being the sometimes interesting/silly/funny riddles, and the fact that it is 200 times easier.


A fun little game.


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Really cute game. Really enjoyed it :)

It's a quirky platformer with a fairly simplistic graphics style. I must admit, I do enjoy this sort of strange humour. 43983498 people already said this but gameplay is very much in the vein of VVVVV, but probably somewhat easier for the most part. It's fairly short, I beat it in one sitting in just over an hour, but it was fun, and once I've forgotten most of it I'll almost certainly replay it again.

It's fun, solid, and fairly reasonably priced. If it were a little bit more fleshed out it would have been an 8. I'd like to see LaserCat make an epic return in the future.


A fun little VVVVVV type game. It was too short, and a little on the easy side like others have already said. It was good fun though, I enjoyed it. If you were a fan of VVVVVV or perhaps trying to get yourself ready to tackle VVVVVV I would recommend this.

Fun little platformer - riddles and key mechanic were a nice touch


You liked VVVVVV, you'll like this game. Way too short and probably too easy but it got a cute cat made out of 20 pixels. A man can't ask for more.


Tout ce qu'on peut attendre d'un jeu indépendant. Simple, assez court mais varié et définitivement plaisant à jouer. Si en plus vous êtes fan de VVVVVVV c'est carrément un indispensable.


Stupidly easy, somewhat drawn out Jet Set Willy-esque platformer. Has a nice soundtrack to chill to. Were it not for that, I'd have to bump it down another point or two.

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