Kwin: Steam Defends is a 2D, pixel-art, steampunk-styled platformer game and a mixture of different game genres, such as beat'em'up, slasher, RPG and tower defence. The game tells you a story about a hero named Kwin and his grandpa Vladimir Alstein. A story about facing an invasion of country of Barons into your homeland, about protecting your house and about the secrets lying under it.

Player will have to fight off numerous enemy waves, breaking through challenges and dangers on his way to five destructive Barons.Kwin will have to use any engineering devices to survive - build towers and upgrade them into unique development forms, upgrade himself and his equipment to give it unique properties.

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There are two amazing artists working on visual part of the game - Dmitriy "Deceiver" Karimov and Aleksandr "Finlal" Vartazaryan.
All of the game's art will be high-definition pixel-art in steampunk style. Here are some screenshots, animations and game sketches.










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Soundtrack for this game is represented as chiptune compositions of different sets, the game's soundtrack compositor is Aleksandr "blinch" Goreslavets.
You can listen to and even download some of the tracks and demo-samples on the links below:

Kwin Theme
Kwin: Steam Defends OST 1 (Demo)
Kwin: Steam Defends OST 2 (Demo)
Kwin: Steam Defends OST 3 (Demo)
Kwin: Steam Defends OST 4 (Demo)
Kwin: Steam Defends OST 6 (Demo)

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We're developing this game in a team of four:

- Aleksandr "blinch" Goreslavets - project game-designer, music and storyline
- Dmitriy "Deceiver" Karimov - main artist\designer
- Dmitriy "Limbo" Lagutov - programming
- Aleksandr "Finlal" Vartazaryan - artist

The gave has been in development for about half a year now. Right now it is being developed on Game Maker.
We're a gamemaking team from Russia, the game is being made without any funding and we're developing it in our free time, sometimes having to eat nothing but stale bread and water.

Q: When would it be possible to try the alpha version?
A: I can't be 100% sure, but there won't be an alpha version for testing at all. Well, there actually will be one, of course, but it will only be available to a small group of testers.

Q: How hardcore will the game be?
A: Pretty hardcore starting from the mid-game, but the difficulty will rise gradually, not instantly.

Q: I would like to know: what inspired you to create such game and it's story?
A: There was no certain inspiration coming, we just wanted to create a game and started thinking up different scenarios in various worlds and settings and decided to use this one. We didn't really have anything certain in mind to relate on.

Q: Are you planning to release other games after this one?
A: Ow, we'd rather first think about finishing this one.

Q: On which platforms will the game be available?
A: For now we're planning it for Windows, Mac and Linux

Q: Which languages will be supported in the game?
A: For now we're only planning to use Russian and English. You can help us with the game localization if you know one of those languages and some others.

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Apologies for the long delay. We experienced certain problems due to which development of the game was on hold.
But now we resume making the game with new forces, we've got a new programmer. Game is now being made on game maker.

We are currently working hard on developing the game, actively progressing in all directions. We want to overtake arrears as soon as possible.

- There will be mini-bosses between big boss fights. They will be much stronger than usual enemies, but not as epic and brutal as big bosses. Defeating them will get Kwin a powerful part for weapon or armor upgrades.
Right now we are adding the first mini-boss.
Most of his animations are done. Walking animation and two of his attacks are processed and we are making his death animation right now. You can see his walking animation below.

We work every day, adding more and more new details into the game.

- Here's a gif containing a part of battling our latest added enemy we call "Tentacle" because of his arms. He has two types of attack - long and short ranged. While attacking from short range, he hits the player with his tentacle-like arms. When Kwin is away from Tentacle, he launches his arms underground and ejects them right at Kwin's feet, spinning the blades on their end.

- Animation of the very first Kwin's enemy - unicycle, which quickly rides to Kwin's house in kamikaze-like manner, exploding on arrival. The unicycle doesn't damager Kwin himself, but he moves very fast, thus forcing Kwin to catch him before the explosion and still keep an eye on other enemies at the same time.

- Even though all the steam in our game was drawn by hand, without using the particle system, we still experiment with effects.

On this animated gif you can see a test of steam generation from Kwin's backpack
We still most possibly will use drawn animation instead of partcles.

And for the last, two concept arts of new enemies:

- Powerful steam-bot that shoots a high-caliber rifle

- And a a soldier equipped with steam-armor, attacking with rapid multiple strikes using both arms.

That's it for now.
We are now planning to post regular updates.
If you have any questions - ask away, we will attempt to respond to them all.

One of new enemy's animations

One of new enemy's animations


Introducing the very first animation of a new enemy. More animations and enemy's description will be introduced later. Thanks to everybody who is watching...

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