A cat and cute monsters battling it out in the Android Market. Download it now on Google Play by searching for KungFu Nekko!

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KungFu Nekko Released


A small game I made in about 10 days.

I rushed things so it could have been a lot better with a lot more content and maybe even unique gameplay. By "made" I mean programmed.

Link to game at Google Play:
Google Play - KungFu Nekko

I actually made the game for a challenge I made for myself back at OpenGameArt. Or rather because someone demanded it be made XD. It was screaming to be made anyways. The pixel artist, a very good and generous one, that created the entire set of sprites is DogChicken. I found the sprite sheets to be really good. In fact I was drooling when I saw the upload. At the time, I was in the middle of studying for my finals so I had to hold my horse for about week or two before I actually started the project. I was so excited that I made some promises that forced me into a state of 24/7 project development XD. I only hope that I did the art some justice, even if only a little.

The promise(s)

"Hey guys,

Since xxxx demanded that this game be made, I guess I have no choice but to make this game for the Android XD. I will post up the finished product in Google Play (free of course) and also a runnable jar file here for the PC. The source code and the assets will be open source in BitBucket with CC-BY SA license. The source code will be fully documented so even non-programmers can learn something. I will be using LibGDX so the game will be playable in Android, WebGL-enabled browsers, and PC.

I will get started after my finals which is Dec. 19 and the game should be up and running before the 25th."

"On a side note, do you guys want me to record the entire project development (live commenary) and post it up on YouTube? Well, I'll do it anyways so everyone can follow step by step, line by line. "

Looking back, I really went too far with promise #2. I am a man that does not break his promises so I actually recorded the entire project development LMAO. I have no idea what I was thinking when I posted that message. I think I was high on excitement and enthusiasm. Note that I did not mean for the videos to serve as tutorials (I am not good enough to make any) so please don't watch them if you are looking for a tutorial on game development. I am sure that most of you are better developers than me.

Well I guess my logic was that "I am going to make a small game in 5 days so why not just hit the record button?"

I don't regret making the promises but I should probably stop doing that XD. 11 days coding straight no break. I am never doing that again T_T! I sacrificed so much. Missed 3 gym days. I feel like I'm losing my abs. I was too consumed with programming that I didn't even cook food myself and just ordered Sesame chicken at my nearby Chinese take-out (yes I cook ladies and do laundry, dishes, etc - a full-fledged house-wife >< and my mother is the man. I'm a guy btw O_O).

Speaking of my mom. I feel like I have to give her a mention. I wouldn't have been able to make this game if she was not the best mom in the world. Letting me have a college life free of part-time work is a privilege that I feel very few people get. I am a spoiled brat no doubt about that. Well she does tell me to do what I want to do and I guess she is happy enough that I don't smoke, drink, or do other things of the like.

Anyways, sorry for getting off-topic. So yea. The game is out. Free. Please play it as it is the sole reason I made it. You guys make me happy if you enjoy it.

P.S. Happy New Years!

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KungFu Nekko PC Export

KungFu Nekko PC Export

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Controls: SPACE : Jump <- -> : Move A,S,D,F : Attack This should not be played on the PC. This is made for the android so the experience will not be the...

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