KarBOOM is a fast-paced local multiplayer car-combat game for Windows, Linux and Mac. Knock other players out the ring, chase the flag, play kar football, and bet on how long you can survive with everyone hunting you! Play in teams or every kar for itself!

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KarBOOM Open Alpha 0.3.7 is now available -- the latest stable version I had before I began reworking the underlying mechanics for 0.4.x

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KarBOOM Open Alpha 0.3.7 is out now

It has been a while since the last update - this must be huge!

Not exactly. I'm still working on 0.4.x which will make some huge changes and improvements to KarBOOM, and it still has a way to go. However, I realised I had a stable 0.3.7 version which hadn't been released yet, so here it is (unless you were too quick and it's still being authorised, in which case you should track this game so you know when it's ready!).

KarBOOM 0.3.7

So, what's in it?

New graphics options are available for those of you who were having performance issues. You can now turn off particle shadows, all shadows, particle reflections, or all reflections to try and improve performance. You can also turn bloom off, which I think will have very little effect on performance, but might fix some visual errors for those with older graphics hardware.

KarBOOM 0.3.7

A bug with some gamepads has been fixed -- KarBOOM now recognises when a gamepad doesn't have analog triggers so their absence shouldn't interfere with driving any more.

Finally, the orange cars have been made less red to make it easier to distinguish between them and the red cars.

How goes the physics/collision stuff?

Quite well, thanks! I have been slowed down the last few weeks due to a combination of exams and moving out, which has been really crazy. But progress has gone well, and I should be able to resume full-time development without uni interference very soon.

These will be big changes, hence my calling the next update "0.4.x". 0.2.x introduced online play for the first time; 0.3.x introduced new visuals, physics, surface types, and game mode; 0.4.x will be all about taking advantage of the new collision system for more varied levels and game types (such as "KarBall" -- I'm sure you can figure out what that is from the name).

Where can I find out more?

As always, IndieDB is the best place to get the latest info on KarBOOM. I tend to update here first.

For (semi-)regular screenshots and other updates, follow @JibbSmart on Twitter -- that's me, and I'm the guy making KarBOOM. I usually only tweet about KarBOOM's progress.

Don't forget to post suggestions, feedback, and constructive criticism here or on the KarBOOM forums. While updates come here first, I make them available on the official website/forums as soon as they're authorised on IndieDB, and most conversations about suggestions and KarBOOM's future do happen at the forums rather than here.


Mutators: Boost, Weak Spot.
When you boost and push Car1 into Car2 and Car1 explodes because its weak spot was hit by some part of Car2, Car2 gets all the points for the kill, you don't get anything. Is this done on purpose or because it's hard to decide/ code who made the kill?
I suggest the player at least gets an "Assist" (5 points), or check Car2's orientation in respect to the point of impact. When the angle difference is too big and Car1 has been pushed recently, Car2 is the player who gets the Assist.

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JibbSmart Author

Hey Superku! Here's a bit of a long response, so I hope you find this to be a good read:

This is indeed on purpose. Just as knocking another car off the arena will sometimes be thanks to luck, so will hitting another car's weak spot sometimes be thanks to luck. In your example it could well be the case that Car2 had intentionally positioned itself behind Car1 in order to hit Car1's weak spot one way or another, and it could well be that you ran into Car1 by accident or only intended to push Car1 away, its destruction being a happy accident for you. It's impossible to precisely predict the intentions of the players in such a situation, since placing your car strategically is an important part of playing well. Perhaps I could make that aspect more clear to players (KarBOOM is still missing a "How To" section).

But assists are a great idea, and the scoring system already suits assists since free-for-all awards 10 points for a KO. There's definitely room for me to smarten up the point-awarding system to take friction and impact size into account instead of just a short timer. This'll go on the to-do list.

Thanks for the feedback! Keep it coming!

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