KarBOOM is a fast-paced local multiplayer car-combat game for Windows, Linux and Mac. Knock other players out the ring, chase the flag, play kar football, and bet on how long you can survive with everyone hunting you! Play in teams or every kar for itself!

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Open Alpha 0.3.4 introduces the "king of the hill" mutator (my new favourite), new hosting/joining options for LAN enthusiasts or anyone who just wants a somewhat private party, and bug-fixes.

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So, what's this about a new mutator?

KarBOOM open alpha 0.3.4 introduces the king of the hill mutator. A glowing ring in the centre of the map pulses at regular intervals. When it does, you really want to be in that ring.

  • In most modes, the ring pulses twice a second, awarding a point to every car within the ring.
  • In life-limit mode, the ring sends an outward pulse once every two seconds. When it does, every car on the ground outside the ring loses a life. Run out of lives and your car explodes, instantly being eliminated from the game.

Still don't get it? Here's a brief video to show you how it works. Or, just download the game and try it out (assuming 0.3.4 has been authorised by the time this news gets out).

When are you going to let me start/join LAN games while offline?

For those who don't know, online play requires an account created at KarBOOM.net. Hosting a dedicated server does not, but it does require an internet connection. Or at least, it did.

Hosts now have three options for "server type":

  1. Listed: Your server is visible on the server list for anyone to join. This was how servers always worked previously.
  2. Unlisted: Your server is online, but not listed on the server list. The only way to join is by selecting "join by ip" (a new feature in this version), and putting in the correct server name, ip, and port.
  3. LAN only: Your server is not connected to the internet, and even if you are connected to the internet, no one outside your LAN can join. The only way players can join is by selecting "join LAN" (also a new feature in this version), and putting in the correct server name, local ip, and port. If they are not logged in (as would often be the case for a LAN game that's not connected to the internet), they must also create a name for themselves for this game.

Is that all?

No! There are also some bug-fixes. They are explained in the README. There were some sporadic crashes which should no longer happen (if they do, they should be less often, as I've eliminated at least one cause). Here's a shout-out to Atlasfield, who was instrumental in narrowing down the crash with a very descriptive bug report. Thanks so much!

Can I vote for you for Indie Of The Year 2011?

Yes! Please do! I'm not expecting to win, but I'd love to get in the top 100 or so. Any progress visible on my end will be hugely encouraging and motivating as I try and spend more time working on KarBOOM! Keep giving me feedback (I've had excellent feedback, criticism, and bug reports all over the place, and really appreciate it!). I wouldn't be surprised if there are some issues. I put in the finishing touches of this version a little after midnight after a big day, but I don't think there are any issues.

And just so we're all on the same page: I do plan to one day sell KarBOOM, hopefully through several digital distribution methods. The open alpha versions will still be available for free as long as I can help it, though, and still be supported by the server-list host for the foreseeable future. Thanks so much for the feedback!

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