Available on Xbox Live Indie Games Test your skill and learn to master the brain-racking world of spikes and sawblades in 50 levels of pure splatmania, including 10 additional hardcore "Director's Cut" maps inspired by old arcade games from the 80s and modern platform games of today. Jump'n Bounce is a 1.00 dollar old-school platform game with modern-day gameplay featuring a bouncing emoticon with hardcore abilities.

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Jump’n Bounce is now available on Xbox Live Indie Games for 1 dollar (80 points) and features 50 unique levels, including 10 additional Director’s Cut bonus levels specifically tuned towards the hardcore gamer. This is the first title in a series of three “new retro” games featuring Hug the bouncing emoticon.

Download the game here: Marketplace.xbox.com

Jump’n Bounce uses a unique combination of old-school gameplay and modern-day level design: You play as a constantly bouncing ball, always on the move. Add the mid-air high jumps and brick smash abilities, and you get a very interesting combination of typical arcade games from the 80’s and the modern platform games, creating some unique challenges for you to overcome.

Each Jump’n Bounce level consists of only one screen. There's no screen scrolling or camera movement. This gives you the opportunity to plan your moves one level at a time. But remember: there is a lot of obstacles – as well as Hug himself – constantly moving around, and you may find out that your plan is hopelessly out of sync as soon as you make your first bounce towards the level exit.
Just like the arcade games of old, Jump’n Bounce is about high scores, time bonuses, juicy pickups and destructible level elements. And of course we haven’t forgotten the “Speed Runners”: Streamlined level design give skilled players an advantage, as they master the bouncing emoticon movements. Challenges that seem impossible at first will easily be overcome by practicing over and over again. Exceptionally skilled players will be able to set amazing time records and unbelievable high scores.

DeRail Games is an independent studio based in Oslo and was founded early 2010 by some award winning talents and an industry veteran. The studio’s design policy is bringing back the feeling of the golden age of arcade games, with good gameplay that appeal to old school gamers and modern gamers alike.

Full PressKit: Tiny.cc
DeRail Games
Press Relations: Bjornar Herstad
Phone: 0047 950 13 302
Availability: 09:00 – 17:00 all days


Looks like an awesome game guys. Shame I can't buy this, because XBLIG is not available in my country :(

Is there perhaps a chance for a PC version? With XNA I assume that shouldn't be too hard, right?

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