Jellyman Saves the World is a retro-style platformer infused with new-age gaming mechanics. You play as Jellyman, a young man made of jelly living in a world made of jelly. Everything is great, when suddenly, his arch nemesis, Barry, kidnaps the citizens of Jellyville, and Jellyman's girlfriend, Jellygirl! Now you have to set out to save them all and restore peace to Jellyworld!


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Jellyman releases on June 6th, 2013. BUT, if you just CAN'T wait to buy it, or you want to pay less for it, you can pre-order it now on Gumroad for $1 off!

Check it out here!

In other news, if you were one of the people to pre-order the game at Evercon 2013, don't worry about buying it again, or any of this pre-order stuff. When the game is out, you'll be contacted with info how to download your copy of the game.

Any questions, use the contact form on or tweet me @evanprichard


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