You can't keep him off the telly on a bank holiday and nowadays he seems to be almost as prevalent in the gaming world. That's right: James Bond is back on your consoles in 007 NightFire - and ready to endorse a bottle of vodka near you. Games companies are weird. This release comes in the same year as the 40th anniversary of James Bond, as well as Die Another Day, the 20th film to feature the loveable old womanising drunk. So what do EA, proud bearers of the 007 games license, do? They make a game based on an amalgamation of all the Bond movies, with their own "original" story line, then go and stick Pierce Brosnan's face and a bunch of clips from Die Another Day in it. Whaaaat? Bizarre marketing decisions aside, this could finally be the game to come out from behind the shadow of the seminal N64 classic GoldenEye. Which means, of course, that this is a stealthy first-person shooter bolted onto a cracking multi-player mode.

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Very memorable game. Main problem i have with it is the controls of the game get a bit screwy on my original xbox.

I remember getting this game, brand new, on the Xbox back when I was a little noob. I must have played this game for months on end, the attention to detail is exquisite for the time and the action is intense and varied.

007 fans should not miss out on this entry in the long-running James Bond series :D


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In the top 5 best Bond game's by far, and possibly my personal favourite!


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