Do you have what it takes to assemble an A-team, invade an island and oust an evil dictator? If you think you’ve got what it takes, it’s time for you to launch your career as the leader of a Private Military Corporation in the newly released single-player demo for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, the upcoming tactical combat game for Windows PC from Kalypso Media and bitComposer Games.

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Killatomate says

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After so many patches this game still has a lot of issues. In levels like Cambria the frames per second drop 90% for no obvious reason, making the game unplayable in those areas even with modern quadcore CPU. The AI is horribly stupid. Typos and misleading item descriptions everywhere. The trader says you get 12 bullets per transaction, but only 9 bullets make it to your inventory. Shotgun 00 Buckshot pellets have MORE RANGE than the 5.56mm bullets from FAMAS assault rifle. AKS-74U is labeled submaschinegun, but the game treats it as assault rifle! AK47 fires 5.45mm bullets. 357 pistol rounds are 4 times as effective against armor as 5.45mm armor piercing rifle rounds.
The M24 light sniper rifle has 83% less accuracy in crouching stance than it has prone. WTF? German assault rifles are 47% less accurate when crouching than they are prone. Even pistols are forced to fire from prone position! seriously???

Rating this game higher than 7/10 would really be pushing it!


Heer_Gefreiter says

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Awesome game , rely nice texture , it has a lot of weapons . You rely need to think to get throw the level . I sugest playing with Combat Evolved mod.


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