Jables’s Adventure is a small platformer adventure game that I started in 2009. The game has about 45 minutes to an hour and a half of gameplay, but the humor is top-notch. The game stars a young boy named Jables. One day an odd squid appears on his head and claims he is "the hero". He decides to go with it and start his adventure. This is an adventure filled with great humor, random modern-day references, and knowledgable fruit. That's right- KNOWLEDGABLE FRUIT. Jable's Adventure includes: -An interesting story about a boy who is forced to go on a quest by a squid. -3 different bosses, each out to kill you! -Numerous enemies and items. -Beautiful pixel graphics. -A wonderful soundtrack by Kevin Carville. -Pointless facts about fruit that you probably didn't know before playing. What are you waiting for? Play Jable's Adventure today!

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