The Solarus Classic Pack is a complete pack of resources for use in the Solarus Gamemaker engine. It’s at a functional state, but in order to make real games out of it, we need musicians, artists, and designers, as well as programmers fluent with LUA. This isn’t a huge project, and you’re welcome to pitch as much or as little as you like. All of the work in this project will be made with the Creative Commons by Attribution license, and is going to be free for any game designer to use inside or outside of the Solarus engine. Using a modified version of this pack, I am building Isle of Solarus. Isle of Solarus is a simple game (about 30 minutes long) with a very simple plot: explore the strange island of Solarus and help out its inhabitants: a flock of strange birds who are having a hard time. Of course, helping them with their chores is just the surface. Find out what's really going on with these odd avians in Isle of Solarus! Leave a comment or DM if you'd like to help out!

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