Into Beyond is an exploration shoot'em up with classical and modern gameplay elements.

Your missions include destroying or infiltrating planetary bases, orbiting space stations or satellites, annihilating entire fleets, gathering resources and exploring mysterious places such as space nebulae or deep ocean planets.

This game is currently made by one person, with some friends contributing content and support.
Development started early october, and will try to provide weekly updates and info about it's progress.

The current version, Aries, formerly implementing the bare prototype will be evolved in gameplay and appearance until december, 31. This includes tweaks on the controls, enemies and behavior, weapons, basic mission objectives, and maybe even a bit of naration (prototyping dialogues).

The following version, Betelgeuse, will mainly improve on the level and terrain generation, ingame assets and appearance, practically improving the gameflow.

For more info you can choose any of the following sources:
Redwatergames blog
Twitter @redwatergames
Megawzl's Youtube Channel
wzlmusic on Soundcloud

Also this project is live on 8bitfunding. If you like to contribute you can go there and empty your pockets :)
Contributing will also get you access to early builds (starting some time in December), or credits as early contributer in an demoscene'ish credit scroller. Not much, i know, but i don't like to make any promises at this stage of development. If you think your contribution deserves special treatment, you could drop me a message, and we can see what we can do about that ;)

I appreciate your support!

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Hey and hello. Since hearing first of the Ludumdare October challenge early october i've been furiously working on this game: Into Beyond. I've been working on it on a daily base and i'm really satisfied by how it is working out.

Currently, i am working alone, which is why the game currently looks terrible. Unfortunately i can't draw as well as i can imagine pictures, so I (you too :p) will have to put up with place holder graphics for now.

The art direction is going to be very rough and heavy (lots of steel and bolts), as the game is rock/metal themed. This will show in the design of the ships, characters and buildings you eventually end up blowing up.

The game is probably best described by the change vlog i just upped:

As i mentioned in the video, my project is currently live on 8bitfunding. So if you want to contribute you can check it out here (
I really appreciate it!

If you have questions or suggestions, i'm all ears :)


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=D! <3 Lets hear more!

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