Insight is a first for war gaming, the ability to fight for 24 hours on a map, or even longer depending on which one your playing. This gives the ability to house thousands of players from all over the world on a selected few maps, bringing a "war" experiance into play like never before. With it being 24 hour you will experiance day and night depending on when you start playing during night time you will have a selection of tasks to handle one being fighting in the dark, you might need to equip your night googles and get them tracers flying with you being in full control of the character you choose to play you fight along side many others online. there are two teams in the multiplayer version which you can pick at will. imagine yourself ingame and sitting in a highrise block with your 50cal while another player is sitting far away in another with his rifle, you might need to find the mirror you found earlyer to see his position its all about being witty

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