An innovative, original and entertaining experiment.

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"An innovative, original and entertaining experiment." - I wouldn't say this was any of those things. It's a bunch of badly programmed crap strung together in a way the developer thought was deep or mysterious, but is just boring. There is no point to this. As a programming experiment, I'm sure the developer learned things, but this wasn't worth sharing with the world.


Me and my associates have concluded that this game is horrible. It's not interesting on any level and it fails to deliver on the deep psychological experiment concept it tries to imply. The author would like you to believe that it has some sort of meaning, but it doesn't. It's just "retarded" and pointless. It's so bad you'll think its a joke.

The camera constantly clips through the walls. The video camera your character is holding, says record like it is on, but has a blank screen the entire time and the purpose is never explained. The humor equates to "lol drugs" and "ha ha you're a girl and can't play my game" are not funny. If you want to waste your time watching someone talk to them selves, don't play this game, take a trip to your local psych ward. That would be more fun and preferable than this game where you have to read a stupid conversation that consists of one guy talking to himself repeatedly.

The graphics look terribly dated, like the textures were stolen from PS1 games. (Actually, I have recently learned that they are infact taken from HL2 and the game rips off a popular mod called The Stanley Parable") When you turn a corner in a hallway, the camera clips through the wall showing other random polygons outside the room. This happens frequently. In fact, at one point while playing we fell into a random endless pit and the camera just continually kept clipping. This is what you can expect if you fail to complete any of the mini games, you just get stuck with no way to continue. Every time you enter a new room, there is no smooth transition the game just clips very quickly from one space to another, which is awkward. None of the 'enemies' do anything. Their purpose is to scare you, along with other Ms paint scribbles but really, the creator has no idea how to animate. The models kind of move, but it's one small motion repeatedly looped if that. Half of the scary objects in the game are not even 3D.


fabop says

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I know this is an experiment but still, not a very successful one.


Ail says

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that could be an interesting.. thing.. but if you wanted the hate you gained it with the "female" room. and i'm a guy. well done sir. now it's time to uninstall the game forever.


Zc152 says

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Complete waste of time. Nothing redeeming about it.

Look up The Stanley Parable to see what this is very poorly imitating.

How the hell did this thing get on desura ? Please can someone explain to me what is the point of the game ? I really do not get it.

whats the point of the game ?
walking ?

This game looks ugly even on the highest settings, is not funny and is offensive.

Game made no sense, poor graphics, was overall just boring. Choices you make lead to two set endings which both don't make sense. There is no story, no plot, no nothing but random stuff. This game may be unique orignal and experimental but in the sense that just makes you want to shut off your computer and walk away do to sheer boredom.

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insert title here is really fun and surprising with all the doors and the opening stuff. i like the drug room-trippy as hell :D. you guys are the best! but since im new, i cant rate over 8 so i just picked 7 or 8????? that must be really fun. i always get scared whenever i pick horror game and phycological. the face that just pops up in i think phycological or horror when you open the door really scares me. but thats just whats great with you guys! i just like writing reviews, its just fun! bye bye d:D

Jun 10 2013 by andrea_bbg_104