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akaito says

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PRE: I recommend trying the demo, in case my experience was an uncommonly bad one.

I like the look of the world, and I like the music. I _want_ to like the game, but couldn't for the following reasons:

1) I experienced an absolutely terrible framerate.
I have a reasonable machine that can run other, resource-expensive 3D Unity games smoothly. Given when the poor framerate of around 10-15 FPS was occurring (most of the time), and not occurring (60 FPS, rarely and when looking down or away from the level), it feels like a culling issue. It also feels related to the very nice-looking post-processing effect that draws a repeated, modified version of the brighter elements of the scene (the slowdown was vicious in the first "tutorial" area, and not as bad in Construct 01).

2) At lower framerates, input becomes messy. (Note: I'm guessing this is Unity's fault).
Jumping would sometimes even play the sound immediately (even if I press it rapidly during one jump, that's the programmer's fault), while the actual force of the jump wouldn't happen until the next time I came into contact with the ground. This occurred while trying to jump off a ledge. Sound played, fell off it without jumping, jumped on landing in the pit.

3) I have no idea how to play this.
Note: potential spoiler? In Construct 01, I don't know how to get past either body of water. Am I missing an important button (see 4)c.)? Is it an "illusion"?

4) Feels like mediocre code overall.
a. There are nice, smooth transitions to go away from one menu towards the next (though they take _slightly_ too long), then a harsh cut both visually and audibly to get to the menu. Why even have the fade in the first place if it's still going to cut?
b. As noted, jump sound plays as often as you press spacebar, not just when you actually jump.
c. Game showed me an Xbox 360 controller and what buttons did what. Then it didn't respond to my controller, and I had no idea what the matching keyboard/mouse buttons were.


Neovertex says

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Unfortunatly I’ve to agree with akaito.

1) Same issue with the framerate in the tutorial level.

2) Same issue with the controls at lower framerates.

3) I can’t get past the Contruct01 level as well. Guess I’m missing some kind of information about a controll (I’m using keyboard and mouse). Furthermore this water obstacle doesn’t look dangerous at all – First thing I did was trying to swim across since its nice color lured me in.

4) Those super-smooth transitions in the menu are really annoying. They’re taking way to long!

Anyway the general style of the world is quite interesting although there could be more details. Sound and music really blend in nice with the world. I’d like to see more but again - I’m stuck in the first level.

This is a great game. Well thought out, and I appreciate the total immersion that they offer by lack of menus. However, there should at least be options to change some stuff in the original screen or the menus at the beginning of most levels. I know they are planning on fixing this in the first update. If they fix this without removing the total immersion, then I would certainly increase it a point. I doubt they are going to fix how annoyingly frustrating level 5 is with the stairs though, so it'd only increase a point.

I have a pretty good system, and yet the game runs horribly. The ridiculous shaders/post-processing (which I suspect are what causes the game to run so poorly) make the game look like vaseline is smeared all over the camera.
I started the game and realized everything was running badly, so tried to hit escape to change settings. No dice, I could not figure out how to get to the menu.
I played until there was some sort of level select or something, at which point there was a back to menu option in the upper right. I clicked it and set the gfx detail to low.
Upon going back to the game, not only did it still look the same and run just as poorly, I could not manage to convince the game to let me quit it, so I had to forcefully kill it.
I will not be trying this game again anytime soon.

The game crashes as the same spot every time on my brand new laptop. Good thing I got it for free.


1. First person platforming games are just bad.
2. The ball mechanics are horrible.
3. The menu navigation are terrible.

I would have given this one if it has not been for some of the nice ideas here.


I love everything about this game,but I change the graphics in the menu and nothing happends.The fps of the game are terryble,cause I'm forced to play in 1920X Xmwhen the native resolution of my monitor is 1280X1024,so i almost can't play the game..Pleeeaase,pleease fix this!


its awesome


Unskippable screens on boot raise the blood pressure.
No graphics options whatsoever.
Game runs at between 2 to 5 FPS on my machine. (And I can run Crysis2 etc. fine).
No way to exit except Alt F4.


Well I don't have any issues at all with this game I just don't really know what to think of it because it feels really unique. I highly recommend trying the demo first. Some people are complaining about mouse sensitivity I mean can't you just lower your mouse sensitivity in the control panel of your computer . . .

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