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This game is a personal project that I'm starting to familiarize myself with the capabilities of the Unreal engine. This game was inspired after the cartoon series and internet phenomena "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." Might sound odd, but it's one of the most popular internet cults to date. The game won't be devoted to watchers of the show, of course. The main focus of individuality for me will be the fact that characters are quadruped, or have four legs. Basic game functions like wielding weapons and other activities will be slightly different than any other game to date. Environments will look realistic, no toon shading or outlining. Colours, though, will be saturated and features exaggerated. Story is basically a satire of the U.S. government.

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Join us for new insight on the story, new concept art, and new songs! We are 1337.

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What has become of us?
In my years of study I have seen many times. I have sifted through countless sources, and sorted out the truth from lies. I am familiar with the Paleo Period, and the pre classical era. I did my post graduate work on the Classical era, focusing on the Reign of Chaos and the rise and banishment of the Night-Mare. Hell, I wrote my thesis on the transition from the classical era to the Golden ages of the Sun and Moon. I have the most renowned theories as to the cause of the Absconding of the Alicorns, and several books on the topic. I have spoken with soldiers of the subsequent wars, and I know the strategies of their greatest generals by heart.

I saw the rise of our great nation from the ashes of those wars with my young eyes. I have now lived a full life. I have seen strife, I have studied, conflict and I have experienced some of the worst (and the best) our kind has to offer. I am, to put it bluntly very competent. I know sticky situations; I have studied them all my life. We have all seen the news. I know my current event better than your average pony, and I have the knowledge and experience to understand them. Still I ask: What has become of us?

These protests? This opposition that our nations has developed? What is it? Oh they shout and they scream that “Immolation” (presumably named for the Anti-For-Profit News Act, which itself is named for Senator Trust Falls infamous speech) is using their power to control the populous. They say they want to protect the people from the Tyranny of “Immolation.” What have they actually done? They’ve made powerful enemies, and they’ve made wild accusations. The ATP or “Immolation” or whatever you wish to call them could not logically be using the Department of Public Information to control the populous. What would they do if they did? Force elections? In whose favor? If you recall, the ATP is the Anti-Trust Party.

It formed to start what they then called the Immolation; an initiative to end corruption in the corporate sector, to “sacrifice the weeds, so that the more worthy could thrive’ is what they said. It was a multi-party initiative, all of the Old Parties were represented by its founding members. Even today these subfactions still exist, but they are still united by the camaraderie the developed during the Immolation, they can still play well with each other. That is what makes the ATP so effective is that they can remain multi-partisan, but cooperative. If the ATP as a whole controls the people, then which subfaction do they favor? They must favor one of them. But if you look at election data, a fairly even mix of political views are represented. There is simply no evidence that the people even CAN be controlled by the government in this fashion, much less that they actually are.

Still they hold their rallies, becoming ever more violent with each one. I wonder if they fully understand what they say they are fighting for.

What do they think they are doing? What do they hope to accomplish? Violence broke out at a protest today. They were regulating the free speech zone, and a protester shot an officer of the law. Needless to say it quickly degenerated into a riot. Twenty-seven. Twenty-seven Dead. Another fifty or so hospitalized. The protesters are blaming the police. They're blaming their ‘Immolation.’ They think that this wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t provoked. They’re saying they aren’t the main cause of the casualties. Ironic isn’t it? They claim the government is manipulating the news, but even their own reports are agreeing with what The Department of Information is publicizing. Don’t they see this is their fault?

There was another riot today. This one wasn’t even at one of the protesters rallies. It was a political rally for Nominee Veracity. They shot him. They admit to shooting him. They made an announcement. Something along the lines of: See? You’d riot too if provoked. This is an interesting development. They seem to have organized. They have an announcement system, through the not-for profit public feeds. They say they are gaining power. They say they are going to keep going until the Anti-For-Profit News Act is repealed. They make their threats. They say their channel is for the people. They say they will not tolerate anyone tampering with it. Who knows what happens if they do. I fear the day we find out.

The violence just keeps increasing. I am afraid to say this, but I cannot deny its truth: We are on the verge of civil war. They just keep on pushing so hard. And the violence escalates. These protesters have long crossed the line from political activism to terrorism. This simply must be stopped. War is coming. These rallies are becoming more and more like guerrilla attacks, forming suddenly and dispersing in the ensuing violence. It won’t take long for these to become full skirmishes. They have already done an assassination, they are now always armed at their rallies. These terrorists have militarized. Do they want a full blown battle in the streets and country of our nation? Do they understand the damage that will cause? Do they really think that it is worth the bloodshed?

It’s the Immolation team, once again, giving you an exciting news update. I’m quite happy to announce new progress and members on the development team. In fact, we now have several active members in our pool, (along with others who have agreed to help, but I have not heard back from,) so I thought it’d be nice if everyone introduced themselves, which you will be able to find out at the bottom of the page.

But first, lets go into our sexy concept art made by Arelia-Dawn.

Guard Concept Art

Sunny Immolation Room

Sunny Immolation Room 2

Immolation Office

From top to bottom, these pictures are a guard concept, and then three concept rooms within the Immolation headquarters.

Next, we have some awesome songs by Senntenial!

Both of these songs and more are available for free download or donation at

Lastly, we have some new models. Though not many, as we were working more on storyline and concept more than anything else.

New walls


A door!

A lovely window\

Firstly, how about you guys get to know more about the exciting life of Piedoom? Bring out the popcorn, because you’re about to hear a beautifully written and thoughtfully composed biography that I spent ten to fifteen minutes on. For me, I started with game development through the both revered and infamous software titled “GameMaker.” I began to discover my love of solving technical problems, and creating interesting game play through the software. Then of course, I discovered GameMaker’s 3D engine. I played around with the scripting, but ultimately found the software too limited in terms of three dimensions. So I searched for a bit for something better, until I found out about Source SDK, and began to map for Valve’s “Portal” and “Half Life 2”. After about 1600 hours clocked in, I joined the sourcemod team “Fall Of Saigon,” learning the basics of good game modeling, animation, and level design. But yet again, I found the Source engine to be very archaic. So here I am, with the Unreal Development Kit, leading the creation of Immolation.

My favorite activity is being sarcastic, as well as modeling, texturing, animating, writing, and composing. Of course, I couldn’t pull off an entire game this ambitious without much help, so without further ado, I give you our still-growing cast of talented developers.

Neveda is many things. Good at talking about himself is most certainly not one of them. He is very self-conscious about what the people around him think about him, presuming they have given him reason to care about what they think (which is surprisingly difficult). As such he prepends most of his comments, opinions and ideas what he refers to as a "standard disclaimer" in the hope that people will still love him after he has said his bit. Neveda attends college with AMTunlimited, Rabidnudist, and Thunderseethe, and is studying chemistry. He understands that this is an odd thing for a writer to study, but he has always concerned himself more with what is interesting than with what is normal. He enjoys learning new skills and in general anything that will allow him to use his mind. Though Neveda can write with some level of skill, he does not consider himself to be a writer. Rather, he considers himself to be a world builder, and the writing is peripheral to creating the world for the writing to take place. -Neveda0 (Neveda has also written our story paragraph)

AMTunLimited here! I'm a really weird guy who loves programming, computers, watching/making things work, and other general fun things. I'm one of the coders for Immolation, and I'm very excited to be on this project! So, fun stuff. I also play/write/create music on that piano thing and love learning things. In short, I'm a nerd, a brony, and proud of it! -AMTunLimited

Thunderseethe joins us as another coder here at [i]. He is also pretty nifty with networking and setting up servers. Though I don't know him very well yet, he's already proved himself to be a more than able coder. -Piedoom

Senntenial is our musician for Immolation. He has had approximately eight years of classical piano training, as well as being highly skilled with the infamous DAW, FL Studio.-Senntenial

Arelia-Dawn draws smutty Avatar fanart in the darkness of her room is an established internet artist who has never seen My Little Pony. However, her affinity for drawing sunny rooms and designing costumes overrides her disdain for Bronies. She is excited to be part of the team. -Arelia-Dawn

Lastly, I will just go through those who have agreed to help, but have not been active yet, or who I have not yet put to work.

RabidNudist is my internet name, which I have gone by for quite a while. I am one of the coders on this project and plan dedicate a lot of my time to it. Currently, I am in college and plan to major in CS, which is why I have such an interest in working on this. Though I have no prior experience in the UDK before, learning it is progressing fairly fast, so before long I’ll be able to produce some pretty cool content. -RabidNudist

RawrMrGreen has agreed to join us as an animator. He currently has some pretty awesome work on Youtube, as well as being owner of the popular “Brony Gaming” facebook page.–Piedoom

[Tox(sic)] joined us as a writer a while back, and got the gears of our story started by asking some important questions. I have not heard from him in a while, though. –Piedoom

Neonstorm (AKA Volldegine) is my close personal friend who joins us as a composer. An amazing pianist and producer, I’m looking forward to collaborating with Neonstorm to get some awesome songs. -Piedoom

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If you are skilled in any form of game development, we are looking for members. Post an application on our forums mentioned above!

Good luck, Immolation out!


WOW, not bad at all.

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senntenial Author

Yeah, this was a menacing read. Our next news updates will be less information and more closely spaced. But I assure you it's well worth the time to read it, and hopefully you at least enjoyed the media.

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