Sequel to the one of the best Action RPG games in the world. Icewind Dale 2 takes place thirty years after accidents from Icewind Dale. As a fighter, your task is to defend the inhabitants of Northern Faerun from hordes of Goblins and Orks armies. Icewind Dale 2 uses tweaked and improved Infinity Engine known from Baldur's Gate 2, Icewind Dale and other Black Isle games (max. resolution 2048x1536, OpenGL). It contains new storyline and many additions - new player classes and sub-classes, quests, monsters, weapons, spells (more than 50!), random item generator for monsters, new portraits and sounds. IW2 is longer and harder than the original Icewind Dale - the medium play time is about 40 hours.

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Amazing, a new fresh setting built on the same engine as Baldur's gate, but in no way as good, this is a very very good game but playing all Baldur's gate games before-hand is essential (in my opinion) Been a while Icewind Dale and i do miss you, your digitally enhanced ismotetic paintings (that easily go up against BG2) and lovely winter setting(pharr... Cold!)is a lovely envrionment to explore not as engaging as the BG series but a good title none the less!


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