There are six different game modes to play:

  • WAR
    • Use your tail to obliterate waves of enemies and devour cells to extend your life time.
    • Battle against the clock, consuming cells to extend your tail and life time. Match multiple colors in sequence to increase your multiplier and boost your score.
    • All edible cells have become bombs, use them wisely to defend yourself agains waves of enemy cells.
    • Smash your way through giant cells in this Asteroid inspired mode. Use your head to break down enemies into bite size chunks and go against the clock to survive as long as possible.
  • EAT
    • If Snake and Pac Man had their code infused this would be the result. Consume cells and evade waves of enemies. Be on the look out for special cyan cells, which gives you untold hunger, striking your enemies with fear for a short period and making you invulnerable.
    • Classic Snake fused with tilt control and explosive visuals. Consume and grow, see how long you can get, and how high a score you can achieve.
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Out Now

News 4 comments

I have recently released my first game Hyper Snake (available on the App Store here).

This is my first fully completed and released game, it's been fun to make and a massive learning experience about marketing and general business stuff as well as game design. I'm a one man team, except for the music which was produced by a friend, so I had to do everything else myself - a challenge but a rewarding one.

The game has received a great deal of positive feed back from player's and the few critics who wrote reviews about it. It's a dollar on the app store and has a lot of replay value, smashing scoreboards is fun! I hope some of you get a chance to play :)

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