Taking the role of Henry Edwards, Hyde explores the mind of a business tycoon’s son. Initially Henry is a man who appears to have it all, but as the lines between the past and the present begin to blur, his lifestyle and upbringing begin to be called into question. Hyde’s game-play fits securely into the genre of Interactive Fiction, whilst following a gripping thriller narrative. You need not click on anything in Hyde, nor do you need to remember any complex controls; Just W,A,S & D to move, and move the Mouse to look around.

CosmicRaven says

8/10 - Agree Disagree

I must say I must praise the voice acting and the story. I actually became emotionally involved with the character which is something that is rare to happen so KUDOS! to that...

In the other hand I would make the gameplay a little faster, and I don't mean adding terrorists to shoot but rather make the character maybe walk a little bit faster, maybe make him interact a little bit more with the environment (Opening a door never hurt anyone, well maybe except in Amnesia).

In short: Yo made feel sorry for a psychopath you bastards, and I loved every minute of it.

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