Taking the role of Henry Edwards, Hyde explores the mind of a business tycoon’s son. Initially Henry is a man who appears to have it all, but as the lines between the past and the present begin to blur, his lifestyle and upbringing begin to be called into question. Hyde’s game-play fits securely into the genre of Interactive Fiction, whilst following a gripping thriller narrative. You need not click on anything in Hyde, nor do you need to remember any complex controls; Just W,A,S & D to move, and move the Mouse to look around.

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Only criticism: Voices are a bit too quiet, but the rest is nearly perfect :)


I really liked the experience of Hyde. It's creepy but more due to your own imagination than any explicite scares.

The game is not so much interactive but you can discover quite a bit about your in-game alter ego if you explore the levels. A little problem is that you can miss parts of a level if you stumble upon the end of that level (and then the level ends) before you can explore other parts (happened to me in the graveyard level).

But overall it's a good experience and the whole package (graphics, music, sound) creates an exceptional atmosphere.


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This was an okay game, but had a few issues that truly held it back for me. There is absolutely no interactivity what so ever and I found myself bored holding down the walk forward button. I like the story, but I knew where it was going the minute I read the title. It gives away any sense of surprise.

Pros: Music, Dialogue, Art Direction

Cons: Predictable, Slow Moving Character, No Interactivity

I must say I must praise the voice acting and the story. I actually became emotionally involved with the character which is something that is rare to happen so KUDOS! to that...

In the other hand I would make the gameplay a little faster, and I don't mean adding terrorists to shoot but rather make the character maybe walk a little bit faster, maybe make him interact a little bit more with the environment (Opening a door never hurt anyone, well maybe except in Amnesia).

In short: Yo made feel sorry for a psychopath you bastards, and I loved every minute of it.


Not what i Expected, But i Loved it! :)
Well, for me the game is a bit obvious (I figuerd out the ending in the beginning..) and an alternative ending would be a plus to the game.
But the "Ride" is more important than the end and that's why I played it until the end and enjoyed it!

The Graphics aren't really great but they dont have to be better than they are since that's really not an important factor to this game.
However I loved it and would like to se a longer sequel or a similar game. Great Job!


Absolutely Wonderful. The Backstory was well put. I Guess the game is a Story Driven Ghost story kinda like dear esther.

Amazing music, great concept. Having a horror game that hints that you're a victim, to have you turn out to be the killer is great.


This game is so awesome, i hope you (guys) make another game like this one.


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