Experience the true thrill of the hunt! More complete, fun and realistic than ever, the Hunting Challenge series has earned a reputation as the best hunting simulation for consoles. Realistic animal behaviour, a variety of environments, weapons, animals, hunting plans, equipment and skills to unlock, online leaderboards, training in shooting at fixed and moving targets… all are brought together to offer a unique gaming experience which will delight experienced and novice hunters as well as players just looking to experience something new. Main Features • Three game modes: - Hunting season: obtain new hunting licenses and unlock new skills - Shooting range: train at ball-trap, duck shooting, fixed or moving targets, and compare your scores with your friends - Hunting weekend: freely explore the hunting region of your choice and participate in several activities (using a hunting hide, jump shooting, stalking…) • Five environments: the Eubenangee Swamp, the Hossack plains, Mount Aspiring

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kill animals?¿¿ cool¿¿ :DD

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So what if it isnt realistic, is it not a great game?

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We do not have ox/buffalo in Australia, nor can vultures or deer be found in the Outback. Kangaroos are the largest animals you will see, there are wild brumbys and camels in some areas, but the largest native land animal is the kangaroo.
Our trees and foliage do not resemble those in game, we have mainly eucalypts, paperbarks and acacias. The weather is somewhat brighter/drier. Not really swamp like ...cabins are not seen in the outback.
Snow is very rare, only some parts get snow. Australia is very flat, there aren't many mountains like the alpine scene/screenshot.

This game resembles Europe or America.

Also, guns and hunting are illegal in Australia, we have no gun rights ...our tyrannical government has thus enforced a soft police-state, which gets less-soft everyday.

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damn..that last bit sucks..

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As for what you can hunt in Australia - Ssaa.org.au

As for trees / weather / water / cabins - you cannot generalize. Different areas will have different mix/presence of the above. Australia is so large and varied.

"The game resembles Europe or America" - of course, because Europe and America are practically the same. ;)

Guns and hunting are NOT illegal in Australia.


As for gun policy in Australia (see regulations)

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Hunting in Norway is not illigal either, a lot of different animals in Norway.

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There are NO ox, vultures or deer in Australia outside of a zoo. You keep saying 'Australia is so vast' to get around this issue. Log-cabins are not an Australian thing, there might be one, somewhere, but you did a shoddy job representing the landscape. The Trees Do NOT resemble Australia, you obviously haven't been here, there might be a patch here and there, but these would not be native species. It does not resemble Australia.

Most of the guns used in the game are not legal in Australia, as shown on the site you posted. The few that are, are extremely difficult to obtain ...thus why hardly anyone hunts in Australia. So I exaggerated when I said hunting is illegal, but it is nothing like America. +5 to +2, I wonder if the dev had anything to do with that...

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There are indeed oxen in Australia, deer as well. You are either trolling or know little about your own lands. Wild ox are not native, they were introduced by the British in about 1890, as for deer ever heard of the ADA (Australian deer association)?

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This is getting to be a f'n joke. They are so rare as to be regarded as pests only found in very small numbers. Ox (Bullock) are even rarer and are also not native. Camels and Brumbys occur much more frequently, they are not in game. Seems the game wanted to focus on non-native species, which would also be non-representative of Australian wild-life.
I know my land, the game doesn't resemble Australia. Full-stop. The game doesn't portray anything but a f'n fantasy, there will NOT be deer or oxen roaming in large enough numbers to save this game and make it a plausible representation.... you used the internet to scrape any scrap of information you can cling to. Pathetic.

Don't say I don't know my own land while trying to defend this piece of garbage, it is a f'n joke and every Australian knows it ...you may convince a few dumb yanks, but even that will be a struggle. Have fun in this fantasy, it does not represent reality in anyway whatsoever.

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Clearly "Reiart" has absolutely no clue whatsoever.

"you used the internet to scrape any scrap of information you can cling to. Pathetic."
No what is pathetic, is providing absolutely nothing to back anything you have said. Why? Because everything (apart from "vultures" and possibly "log cabins") is rubbish.

some examples that hunting is a reality for Asiatic Buffalo in the Norther Territory and various types of Wild Deer from Queensland, to Victoria and South Australia.

Northern Territory Buffalo hunt (yes actual footage of buffalo that exist)

North Queensland Deer Hunting

Steve Lee hunts feral pests Australia - new problem species.

Hunt Australia website - Huntaust.com.au

When "Reiart" announces "The weather is somewhat brighter/drier. Not really swamp like" clearly hasn't seen the far north outback during the wet season. Or if you are hunting "Hog Deer" in Victoria - Hunt Australia describe the terrain as "generally flat grassy farmlands and low area swamps."

Or tried to claim "Snow is very rare, only some parts get snow. Australia is very flat, there aren't many mountains like the alpine scene/screenshot." - Apart from the Alpine country like the Victorian snow country - where the Sambar deer live in the mountains.

I suspect "Reiart" has never travelled any further than the local McDonalds. Clearly has trying to sound authorative on something he knows stuff all about.

If you want something to complain about it being un-Australian, the environment for "Mount Aspiring" would be a good place to start.


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I'm another Australian here to chip in, the stuff shown so far is all very atypical of Australia. Pretty much all our terrains are adapted to dry environments. There's a lot of dry plains and dry bushland, there's a lot of eucalyptus trees, gum trees, paperbark etc. The majority of the country is sandy desert. Western Australia has largely red sand and dirt thanks to our high iron ore. I mainly live on the west coast, but I've traveled around most of the country and haven't seen an Ox so far. Certainly no Vultures and next to no deer (seen them in a zoo before, never out wild hikes or anything), and we don't really have log cabins. Any kind of "hut" you would find would be corrugated metal with wood supports. Swamplands are still populated with flora adapted to dry climates, as through our summer most of the country is deprived of any significant rainfall. Snow occurs in a few very small areas in Victoria/New South Wales, and potentiall bleeds a little into Queensland. It only has a chance of occuring during the winter, and is not regular. I repeat, the representation of the Australian climate is entirely atypical of an actual Australian climate. I do a lot of hiking and camping, and of the few small mountains we have, none of them are as dense and lush as shown in this game. The only game you are likely to find that you could legally hunt would be a rare cow that escaped a farm. Try to be a little graceful with the criticism, don't get defensive and instead ask yourself if the criticism has any basis, because I am confirming every one of Reiart's points.

By the way, you are aware that New Zealand is not part of Australia, and has an entirely different environment, yes? This game could actually be plausible if you renamed it to be New Zealand (though you'd still need to remove vultures)

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You don't even live here you sht head, I have lived all over Australia ...East and West Coast and the Southern States. The game is not TYPICAL of Australia. Typical means it is not a good representation of the natural environment of Australia it -does not- mean you won't be able to find a few cases that contradict this, but they would not be typical or representative of Australia. Thus your comment about "actual buffalo that exist" shows that you know they ARE RARE as I said.

Vultures and log-cabins are not here ...as you admit. NO vultures. Not ONE (outside a zoo, next you'll probably post an article about a vulture that escaped a zoo and whinge about it as 'typical Australia'). The devs did a shoddy job, stop trying to justify this with your nonsense.

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