You are Roku, the Demon Girl. A mysterious oni named Sam releases you from your icy bondage in the lowest level of Hell and helps you to escape by telling you were to go next and how to break through barriers to the upper levels. There are 9 Circles in Hell and therefore 9 distinct areas which Roku must race through to rise from the Underworld and once again walk the Earth. Each area will contain 4 stages, amounting to 36 levels of high speed action. Race against the clock, running down demons and monsters in your path, grabbing powerful, speed-increasing tokens, and avoiding all of the traps the Dark Lord and his minions put in your way. It is within your power to feel the warmth of the living world once again, but you must go NOW.

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The game has been receiving some really great press from people lately! Meanwhile the Kickstarter campaign has really lost steam... Speaking of Steam, there's an update! And then at the end of the post, something strange happens... O_O

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Hello, all!

Greenlight Special!

The game is still on Steam Greenlight and it's reached almost 600 "Yes" votes in just over 10 days, but once a game moves off of the first couple of pages it can get lost in "Greenlight Limbo" - luckily Wraithkal of Wraithkal's Indie Gaming Corner, suggests you give it your "Yes" vote in his Greenlight Groove! So if you haven't already, get over to Steam Greenlight and vote!

The GREENLIGHT SPECIAL tier is still available on the Kickstarter! For $3 you'll receive a DRM-Free copy of the game (Early!) as well as a Steam Key if/when we're Greenlit! If you've been watching the development of the game and you haven't become a backer yet, what are you waiting for? Go grab your copy at the lower tier!

Kickstarter Update - Only 18 Days Left!

It's almost halfway through the campaign and things aren't looking great, but with just a few backers they can start to turn around! This campaign really does need your support - yes, you! If you haven't had a chance to back yet, head over now and become a backer! If you're waiting, then just don't wait too long! The game's completion depends on this Kickstarter being a success!

If you can't become a backer and you don't have a Steam account to vote, then please tweet about the game or like the project or share it with your Facebook friends or message boards - especially if you're on Reddit - that goes a long way! Anything might trigger a surge in backers and that would make a huge difference towards History of the Demon Girl becoming a full title. Thanks for the help!

New Press!

I'm extremely excited to announce that the game has been getting some great press lately! First and foremost I'd like to acknowledge that the game was featured on not just one but TWO websites!

The Daily Chill's Callum Goss did a really great piece about the game and has come across as a strong supporter of what I'm trying to do here at Silhouette and the sort of game that History of the Demon Girl is. He writes:

"History of the Demon Girl challenges you to challenge yourself."

The game and myself have also been featured in an incredible interview on RetroGamerGeek! The gang over at RGG are all incredibly supportive of the title and they put in a lot of energy to raise awareness about the game and to really dive into why the work that I'm doing is important to me and how retro indies in general are important. Mark Elliott (better known as Megatron's Fury) states:

"It's so full of wit and charm and above all else really cool ideas and gameplay."

The whole article is fantastically kind - the last section especially, so please go take a read!

A Game is a Process...

Lastly, I'd like to remind everyone of the journey that we've been on together so far. Every game is a process. You start with something small - an idea - and it grows and grows. We're at a crucial stage in History of the Demon Girl's development. Look how far we've come:

We went from a little red dude running past some rocks, to hyper blue fists in a cave desperately in need of color balancing, to our badass heroine Roku freeing souls from the underworld, to...wait. What the- What is that last shot!? I haven't...!!!


Stay tuned, become a watcher and back the campaign!!!
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