Histacom is a hacking game set in an ultra realistic computer operating system environment indistinguishable from the real thing. It has the unique feature of time travel never before seen in the hacking game genre. The time travel aspect adds great depth into the game allowing the environment (operating system) to evolve as you leap through different ages in computer history. When you start a new game you are thrown into 1998 using Windows 95. From there do a little exploring on internet explorer or of the operating system. Finally perform a Google search to access a secret webpage which will get the game in motion. (clue, 12padams copyright logo). Steal the alpha version of the secret time travel software and get ready for a crazy ride. The game currently has 5 different years programmed into it with 5 different operating systems. The game is mostly linear but does eventually split into multiple paths when you make decide how to fix the future by traveling to the past.

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AShifter says

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it's awesome!


saleemddaas says

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This game is ultra realistic, even though I'm halfway through the game, but it is AWSOME!!!!!!


usbpetrock says

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I played this when it was still relatively new, and oh boy did I have a ball with it. Despite its claims of an "ultra realistic computer operating system environment indistinguishable from the real thing", this is a Hollywood hacking game and it makes no attempt to hide it. The game never got finished, or even really started, but the gist of the storyline is you have to team up with this guy called the "Hidden Hacker" and a downright jerk called 12padams (which also happens to be the name of the game's creator...) to test out a time-travelling Windows 9x application. You read that right, you download a Windows 9x application and it literally sends your character through time. As you'd expect there's a bit about the Y2K bug. The whole game encapsulates cheesy Hollywood hacking, and had it been finished it could've been a masterpiece. As it is, it's a small footnote in history that somehow manages to be a proto-Pony Island. I recommend it.


coolgem923 says

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Love the game!!


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