Hillbilly Organ Grinder is an arcade game set in the world of the Appalachian hillbillies. A regular tranquil day in the mountainous landscape is being threatened. No one knows why but a worm hole has suddenly ripped through the sky and continues to throw objects from the depths of it’s inner space that may permanently destroy life as the hillbillies know it. Play as Eddy, the town organ grinder, and save the small town from destruction. Eddy’s music can destroy falling objects and the worm hole itself. Eddy doesn’t know how or why, but he does knows how to grind and grind hard he does!

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If it was any more addicting, the "gumment" would put a warning label on it.

Hillbilly Organ Grinder (HOG) is a shoot-em'-dead arcade game that, for some reason, makes you want to play one more go. Maybe it's the online leader board or maybe its just the hillbilly themed, comedic presentation. If shooting stuff and watching it *POP* is your kind of thing, well, give the demo a try (it's as free as one-legged turkey (maybe slightly free-er).

For all you intellectuals out there, HOG is the story of an Appalachian Organ Grinder, which is a man who plays a musical instrument popular in the early 1900s. By cranking a lever, music is automatically played via a series of organ pipes. A skilled Grinder could play for hours, drawing crowds of 10, even 15 people. Primarily used as a tool for entertainment, our hillbilly hero uses it to save his farm. Grinding is what he knows, and he knows how to grind it hard.

Eddy's farm is threatened by a wormhole, which is hurling all sorts of junk down on his farm. Well, Eddy the hero of the story, knows "nuttin' bout' nuttin' but grindin'!" It's up to him to save the farm, so he does what he does best...grinds hard. The local towns people (who are all of Russian decent for a peculiar reason), gather to witness this historic event.

So, help Eddy by aiming his grinder and destroying the falling debris. Blow up Rum to upgrade your grinder, avoid the poison. Shoot the Radioactive Feathers to "make go boom", and grind your way towards that worm hole and show em' who's boss!

Visit the DEMO page here and play HOG for free!

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Hillbilly Organ Grinder

Hillbilly Organ Grinder


A hillbilly hootenanny! HOG is an arcade game where you blast falling debris with your Appalachian Organ Grinder (shucks folks, it's a musical instrument...

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