In desperation, the jarl of Jarnvidr has called for a Heroine, to stand against the forces of frost and put an end to the lasting winter. Her might, sorcery, and cunning may be humanity’s last resort. Are you up to the task, or will you die trying? Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok is an adventure / RPG hybrid. Like in many adventure games, you have a world to save, and must use your wit, guile and inventory to puzzle your way through. Like in many roleplaying games, you can customize your character with various classes and skills, and must train yourself in combat to stand a chance against the fierce monsters in your way. The game is designed in the spirit and atmosphere of the classics, and strives to have the same high quality of art, music, and plot. With multiple character classes and several solutions to many puzzles, the game will have excellent replayability.

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A faithful and high-quality homage to the Quest for Glory series. This game features excellent and mostly logical object puzzles, rich NPC interaction, well-executed RPG elements and a lot of exploration. Highly recommended!

incredible. it is like Quest for Glory has been reborn. this is a first class title - better than many commercial games and incredible use of AGS. atmospheric, epic and AMAZING. thanks so much to the developers for releasing such an amazing game FOR FREE!


Ok, YES! This is spot on. The animation, colors and graphics are a great homage to KQ and HQ ... I can smell my old 286 and DOS. 10/10, would donate to paypal.

DONATE | this is a quality game.


If you liked Hero's Quest, later named the Quest For Glory series by Sierra, then this game is a must, and you are probably at least 30 years old. Heroine's Quest is heavily based on this game series, and even has other classic Sierra game references. It is largely a point-and-click adventure game with a fair amount of dynamic RPG character stat building; the more you use your skills, the more they develop. Each character class is enjoyable to play in its own way. Crystal Shard has done a superb job of recreating a classic through core game mechanics, voice acting, music...great stuff. Thank you, Crystal Shard!


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A pretty decent dive into the old school QfG environment. A challenging gameplay, beautiful characters and a selection of references to the classic Sierra adventure games didn't leave me disappointed. A special attention must be drawn to the voice acting which is no less than excellent. Every character has its own manner of speech and a unique voice texture which make the dialogs amazing to listen.

There were several things, however, which contributed to the actual "however" impression. One of them was a rather flat game concept containing concentrated well-known mythology unlike the "genuine" games which contained a little bit of kitsch, a little bit of real life references put as organic parts of the game itself (not secret mini-encounters like in Heroine's Quest, although the naked girl still counts) and a little bit of absurd feeling aside from the general game concept. Heroine's Quest barely has its own plot.

The other thing is the noticeable difference between graphic styles - pixel art can be seen near pixelated hand-drawn objects and 3D modeled scenes. And yeah, did anyone playing as a Sorceress find a use to the Herbalism skill?

Even with these notes and some other observations like the general Heroine's concept built of Zanthia as well as her horse most probably being a revamped Heroes of Might and Magic 1-2 horse concept I can surely give this game 9 of 10. Counting that the game was released for free and contained a very little number of bugs and technical difficulties, I am fully confident in my rating. And yes, I will surely buy the next Crystal Shard product of this kind.


It's hard to be critical of this game, seeing that it's a free fan creation. It's very clear that the designers had a profound love for the Quest for Glory series, probably my favorite game series of all time.

Unfortunately, the nostalga and the desire for another QfG-like experience only got me so far into this game. The norse myth influence is too overbearing and is often boring. I grew tired of clicking through dialog about gods and legends that had little to do with what I was doing in the game. I generally enjoy when games use old myths to inspire their stories; it gives things a certain amount of weight. But in this case it's all too much. What should have been flavor feels like a Wikipedia dump.

The puzzles are often contrived and frustrating. A seemingly straightforward goal will engage you in a lot of hoop jumping that only serves to drag things out rather than make the goal more interesting. Also, it is sometimes unclear whether or not skill levels influenced an outcome, so you end up needlessly grinding a skill, and trying things over and over, death after death, only to discover that your success or failure wasn't governed by skill at all. It isn't fun.

The idea of the cold system was an interesting idea, but in practice, it's just a death timer that limits your ability to explore.

But mostly, I found it all very uninteresting. Characters, plot, world and all. There isn't anything there to encourage me to slog through all this frustration.


A great and lovely crafted game with a astonishing eye for details. The gameworld and the story are original and immersive. A really wonderful hommage to QfG, but not just a fangame - HQ stands for its own. It's probably the best, deepest and most elaborate AGS-game ever created.


Wonderful Quest for Glory Fangame


inspired from QFG4 and it is perfectly done


I'm a big quest for glory fan, and this is best of that type of game i've seen yet!

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A faithful and high-quality homage to the Quest for Glory series. This game features excellent and mostly logical object puzzles, rich NPC interaction, well-executed RPG elements and a lot of exploration. Highly recommended!

Jan 2 2014 by Melan