"Hey, Come Here!" is a hand-drawn platforming adventure. This is the story of a girl named Linny, who emerges from her mountain home to find a letter from a mysterious person. Embark with her on an epic journey across the land as she relentlessly pursues the writer in a tale of adventure, courage, and overcoming all odds.


Now available!


thesoundboy wrote: How... did you figure out how to animate "cute" so well?

Firry wrote:

Me like

rad wrote:

Best game of all time, all time, every time

Madman wrote:

I'd buy it

Kiwi wrote:

Beautiful art style and soundtrack

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Yup, you read that right! "Hey, Come Here!" is now available to the public! Check it out:

But this isn't the end! We'll be spending our time and earnings on patching any bugs that pop up, and on top of that, porting to other operating systems and even consoles and mobile devices (unfortunately, no promises!). We'll also be adding to the game. You might see new features, but we'll refrain from altering the aesthetics anymore. This is a "finished" product and we want to be mindful with additions rather than major alterations. Enough meandering-- LET'S PLAY!

official page (link)

itch.io (link)

desura (link)

Hey, Come Here! Now Available for Pre-order!

Hey, Come Here! Now Available for Pre-order!


After a long 1.5 year development cycle, our origin story is ready to be told with our hand-drawn adventure "Hey, Come Here!" now available for pre-order...

A GoFundMe Campaign for Our Talented Artist!

A GoFundMe Campaign for Our Talented Artist!


We want to give back to our artist for all the great work she has done for us and to help her finish "Hey, Come Here!".

Hey, Come Here! - Now on Steam Greenlight!

Hey, Come Here! - Now on Steam Greenlight!


Thanks to the undying support of our followers, we're nearing the final stretch of development and, as such, have published "Hey, Come Here!" to Steam...

Linux Release Funded!

Linux Release Funded!


You did it again! Thanks to your support, we'll be porting and publishing the game to the Linux operating system! That means we'll be available on all...

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