Haunted Memories is a first person adventure horror game inspired by popular ‘slender-genre’. Don’t be afraid – artistic part of Haunt isn’t the only one thing that makes this game unique. Provided story and whole ‘GreenPark’ proves, that Haunts vision of “Slender-Man” is deeper than ever before.

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Nov 13 2012 Anchor

Is this game commercial?


So it will be free after release?


How long is this game?

It depends. First try should take about two, three hours. To unlock all extras and collect whole "Diary" you will need about five, maybe six hours.

What about requirements?

Game runs well on dual-core 1GB RAM laptop with integrated RadeonHD. But you will need way better machine to experience this game in 100%.

What after release?

You tell us - if game will get popular, we will expand it for sure!

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