Hell on earth 3 starts 5 years after the events of hell on earth 2
the covenant finaly gathered a force that can take on earth´s defences when they invaded the first time'
But what they never expected is that humanity had some new defences'
And the spartans are even stronger'
Most of the cruisers and warships where blow out of space but a small armade landed on earth'
Not prepaired for the new 300 spartans'
The plan was simple get the 300 spartans around the world and mobile'

Level1: complete
Hell on earth 3 is currently on hold till i got the time to make the game

I want to thank everyone who is playing this game and helping me improve it'
The testers also thanks to lovoboy17 for making the menu and credits'
Special thanks to dobberman could never have done this without u and your team making this kickass dev tool/engine and halo zero game'
Also thanks to bungie who made the halo games and keep it up for more years to come'
And thanks to foeaxe for making a halo 3 fan album some songs will be used i promise ;)

for more info about the halo zero game go to Www'dobermannsoftware'com/

A review written by James Thornton from the site Halo-hell-on-earth-trilogy'en'softonic'com/

“Rescue the Masterchief in this 2D Halo recreation”
by James Thornton

The original Halo game sparked a revolution in first-person shooters and is perhaps the main reason the XBox has shifted so many copies' This peculiar version is not a new installment of the game but more a 2D conversion of the previous three' Thankfully it includes the same weapons, same enemies, and an enormous amount of levels to negotiate'

Hell on Earth Trilogy certainly presents a large enough challenge to keep you coming back for more for some time' Compared to the originals, however, the 2D action is far less emmersive and you don't get the same fear factor as turning a dark corner to be welcomed by a room full of flesh-eating aliens in this side-scrolling affair' Nevertheless this game is free and enjoyable in its own right'


* Features same guns and baddies as the original
* Lots of challenging levels
* Cool power-ups


* Not as much fun as its first-person forefather

Are u a hardcore HALO fan?
take the test now and see howmutch u truly know in 20 Questions
good luck

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I started to work on hell on earth 3 to get the trilogy to an end:)
and i got some spare time left now.
Not mutch but i think i can work on the game at least 1 hour a day.
When i have more info on the game for u guys i will post it.

check back later for more updates.



I emailed steve downes some time ago complimenting him on his work in HALO and on the DRIVE i never thought he would awnser it untill i saw my inbox today...

on hold


i am putting hell on earth 3 on hold for now when i have time i will make the final chapter for hell on earth. check back later for more updates

no HZ2 dev kit


Well i just learned that there will be no hz2 dev kit that means i will make the last part of the trilogy on hz1 dev kit i will start when i have time...

release date


i am finaly going to anounce a release date u all knew it would be released this month it will be released around 25 agust 11 days left check back later...

RSS Files

hell on earth 2

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the second part of the hell on earth saga

HALO hell on earth 2 trailer 1

Movie 2 comments

This august the epic war ends...

Fred´s tale patch 1.01


First patch to fred´s tale replace the file with the one from the rar file

Fall of reach trilogy edition

Full Version

Trilogy edition of fall of reach

Fred´s tale

Full Version

small game to end anther spartan life

Fall of reach

Full Version

The last part of the second trilogy

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kjfytfkytfyt - - 1,068 comments


just to let you know, Halo is copyrighted by bungee and can NOT be used without there permission, so basicly this whole game is ILLEGAL. If any one working there wanted to arrest you or fine you, then could, and it could easily range from $500 - $50,000. Just letting you know, id change the story, like alot. And maybe your thinking they cant because you arent making money off this or anything, or say yeah its theres im not saying its mine, well it dosent matter. if i made a game called Something, and you liked it and did this, and i had copyrighted the name of it, i could have you arrested and/or fined. Just letting you know.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-11 votes
I_am_your_father - - 15 comments

he can't sell it, but he can make it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Ronnie42 - - 217 comments

if that was true then this site would have been taken down because its a moddb, there's tons of content on this site that use's content from different games

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
Kooladam96 - - 35 comments

Lol its called Halo: Hoe xD

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wells119 - - 41 comments


halo is over rated... and then CLUSTER **** OF THE FAN BOYS

Reply Good karma Bad karma-24 votes
Feared - - 647 comments

Metal gear solid is over-rated.

I'm expecting major negative Karma now. ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+22 votes
jovian95 - - 197 comments

Looks pretty positive to me.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
AirborneSn1p3r - - 3,137 comments

i hope karma kicks you for saying that lol

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reaper336 Creator
reaper336 - - 16 comments

no hell on earth this year i am to busy to work on it happy 2008

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reaper336 Creator
reaper336 - - 16 comments

We are still alive here i can work on it for 2 days i will start today and give u progress report after that

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