Gunman Chronicles is a futuristic first-person shooter computer game using the Half-Life game engine. It was originally planned as a total conversion for Quake; it then switched games to Quake II, followed by another switch to Half-Life, before being spotted by Valve Software and released as a stand-alone retail product in 2000.

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The best GoldSrc engine game with a fantastic weapon system. Gunman Chronicles is indeed a classic and even if linear is still refreshing to play.


A very fun, underrated gold source game.


WintermantheNForcer says

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Gunman Chronicles is a forgotten gem of GoldSrc era developed by Rewolf. It is an abandonware that never makes it to Steam, but now it rests here on ModDB.
The game puts you in the shoes of Major Archer, a Gunman veteran and survivor of a battle on Banzer Prime. On the 5th anniversary of said event, you are called to investigate a strange signal on a planet. Then, you meet with the General, who’s supposed to be dead in the event Archer went through, and now he’s leading some sort of an army of men and aliens to earn their revenge because Archer allegedly left them behind, then it goes from there. Throughout the game, you’ll be battling your way through a planet filled with dinosaurs, a lunar station populated by drones and an AI who is not far from resembling GLaDOS and Shodan, a desert planet, and then a high-tech base.
Your enemies are the robots, the General’s men, and the Xenomes, an alien race. Most of them are more than just mere reskins of Half-Life enemies and they will keep you on your toes. One that I particularly like is the peacock-like Xenome that will shoot homing projectiles like the Alien Grunt but will also explode into multiple projectiles occasionally when killed.
There are a few bosses in this game, two out of three of them are fun to fight against. The one that isn’t fun is the final boss. During the first phase, you are forced to hit him rapidly in a very confined space and his projectiles will one-hit kill you. The second phase is more manageable but it’s still a problem. Your ally arrives to fight the final boss, but you are tasked to cover the ally from the stream of Xenomes. It is a defense mission for the final boss. If the Xenomes got to your ally, the ally will focus on the aliens and thus distracting them from the fight altogether, resulting in a stalemate.
Major Archer’s extremely customizable weapons are the highlight of this game. Each weapon can be switched and assigned to your preferred lineup. The pistol can fire laser, rapid-firing energy balls, charged energy balls, and it can be assembled into a sniper rifle. You can control how many shells the shotgun fires each shot and its range. The rocket launcher can become a homing missile launcher, a guided tripmine launcher, or direct-fire clusterbomb launcher.
You also get to drive a tank in this game, but sadly it is the lowest point of this game. Instead of going on a rampage, you are forced to stop every 2 minutes and most of the enemies here are stationary turrets. So, you pretty much spend a very small amount of time actually in the tank on that section.
Gunman Chronicles gives you a fun 6-hours-long romp and its extremely wide variety of arsenal is very unique.

Gunman Chronicles is basically the ultimate loveletter to Goldsource and the Half-Life creation scene. Just like other classics like Day of Defeat or Counter Strike it started out as a humble modification and blossomed into a full fledged release.

What makes Gunman so notable is just how big and ambitious it feels, I never really felt like I was playing a modification turned into small budget game. I really felt instead like I was playing the end of an era in terms of Half-Life. The maps are richly detailed with cool interactive elements, lots of enemies ranging from alien lifeforms, human soldiers and rampant AI, a ton of visual variety of both entire landscapes and smaller zones within an area. Honestly I was impressed with what they pushed with the engine in terms of how big and how varied everything felt, it really pulls off a sense of scale in terms of its outdoor environments that I don't see in other Goldsource games or modifications, which is honestly a testament to the developers' skill of world/level crafting.

The gunplay is solid, just as anyone should expect from a Goldsource based game with frantic action that rewards various playstyles from the cover based shooter to the jumpy quaker. But what really elevates it is the incredible depth of its weapon system. You can finetune your weapons to perform in a number of roles, the shotgun can be modified to work like a slugbased rifle or a multi-shot crowd control killer! But just when you think it couldn't get any cooler, you have the ability to operate tanks and for an engine so old, they honestly perform beautifully, giving an awesome spice to an already solid FPS experience.

You take some of the best this engine can offer, give it incredibly satisfying and solid gameplay with amazing weapon customization and the ability to drive vehicles and then tie it all together in a compelling highly cinematic story set in a unique universe that can best be described as "proto-firefly" and you got one hell of a game.

My only complaint is that Gunman has sadly been forgotten.


Greate sky fi game as it should be.

Gunman Chronicles is still a fantastic game with amazing gunplay. Definitely a must play.


gaveitatry says

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Thank you to the people who created this game, ported it to Steam, and made it available for download. For maybe around 75% of the game, I found myself thinking that I liked the original Half-Life game so much better, like 100 to 1. Because I prefer the Half-Life universe - the aliens, characters, setting, and so on. But I was going to give Gunman Chronicles a 7 or 8 rating, just because it was a well made and fleshed out GoldSrc game, despite being a little boring for me. The game lasted a long time, which is what I was hoping for. I was worried that it would be a short game with only one or two worlds to explore, but there were three full worlds and exploration on the third world lasted a long time. That fully satisfied me. It was the perfect length, with plenty to do. In the end, I felt like giving Gunman Chronicles a 10 because it redeemed itself in the end. I'll explain. There was an incredible amount of effort put into the intro, which I liked a lot. The first world reminded me of the movie Indiana Jones and the game Tomb Raider. I did not like this setting at all, as it is far more boring to me than the Black Mesa setting. Then the second world reminded me of System Shock. I liked it because there were more enemies and different types of enemies. The third world was just like the first world, and I started to become disappointed again. If I didn't count the boss monsters or the pipsqueak monsters, it felt like the only two types of enemies were humans and dinosaurs in the third world. All throughout the game, there were good problem solving puzzles. The tank was nice. Was neat refueling it and using it blow up turrets and soldiers. But I was getting really tired of going down one desert valley after another. And that is when the game redeemed itself. I entered the underground base, and once again I was surrounded by advanced technology and fun enemies again. Then when I completed the story, it all came together which made for a solid experience. I really didn't trust the AI at all. I thought that she was overly bossy and egoistical and too eager to kill people. I thought that she was just using me, was eventually going to kill me, and then decide that all of humankind were maggots that needed to be destroyed. So I was hoping I would be presented the opportunity to kill her instead. But she proved to be a loyal ally. It felt like she could have been my girlfriend in the end. Her physical form had all the right dimensions and we seemed to have bonded some. Oh, and Gunman Chronicles seemed to do some tributes to the original Half-Life game like having to go down a steep cliff face. This is probably not the best review, but I just have to say that I am glad that I got to play another non Half-Life GoldSrc game, as I really like this engine better than modern ones. I wish that I could create games similar to GoldSrc games and sell them for money. It's sad that so many GoldSrc created games aren't available on Steam and that the developers seem to only be allowed to make them available for free.


A very nice game really inherits the feel of Half Life that it never gets boring or tedious and keeps introducing new interesting elements as you progress story of the game its also amazing that even though it runs on the Goldsource engine it still has a drivable tank not many games made in Goldsource could have drivable vehicles in them. This game really needs more recognition and is worth your time.




3RYL says

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Just finished playing and I can say it's certainly a hidden gem.

There are great mechanics and level of detail for a game this old... And Aliens, cowboys, robots and dinosaurs.

Great old game

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The best GoldSrc engine game with a fantastic weapon system. Gunman Chronicles is indeed a classic and even if linear is still refreshing to play.

Jun 12 2012 by Xylemon