Navigate narrow tunnels and bring back the energy core hidden on each of the enemy planets filled with biomechanical weirdness. And lasers.

Gravitus is based on the classic gravity-based shooters from the 1980s and early 90s, such as Thrust, Solar Jetman and Gravitar.


  • Three difficulty settings, each with exclusive levels
  • Classic mode for that old "it's too hard - but let me try one more time" feel
  • 18 levels of gameplay
  • Hand-doodled pixel graphics and awesome chiptune music
  • Challenge yourself trying to get a perfect run or challenge other players on the online leaderboards
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Gravitus Minus


Hi folks,

The development of Gravitus took a shortcut, at least when it comes to releasing anything playable! I decided to relelease Gravitus Minus which is the game sans the new levels and only includes the "Classic" levels.

Screenshot 2016 08 07 19 54 172 Screenshot 2016 08 07 12 54 21

Gravitus Minus offers six levels based on the original Thrust missions, two difficulty levels with completely different control methods (great for newcomers to the thrust-n-rotate genre), achievements for the levels (can you finish the level without any damage and so on) and excellent chiptune music. The game can be downloaded at (which is an awesome, free service in case you haven't heard of it).

There will be a new "remix" level pack soon-ish that incorporate the new level elements in the Classic levels. New stuff include things like new enemy types, timed lasers, moving levels and much more. The game is currently available for Windows (32/64-bit, Windows XP should be enough) and I am also working on a Linux port.

I would love to hear any comments and suggestions. See you on Twitter!

Gravitus Development Update (March 2016)

Gravitus Development Update (March 2016)

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After years in development, Gravitus has been revamped including music by n00bstar and additional graphics by iLkKe. Check out the new gameplay video!

Playable demo!

Playable demo!


A playable demo of Gravitus has been posted on the homepage!

Mod and Indie News Recap

Mod and Indie News Recap


We check out the some of latest modDB and indieDB headlines plus your weekly dose of Monday Night Indie.

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