Welcome to GRAVIATORS, a fast paced, couch co-op team arena sports game in space!

Compete against friends in pinball-like arenas in space. Use your space pods special gravity and shield abilities to control and shoot the ball and ultimately score points on the enemy goal!

Engage in multiple game modes and arenas, which change up core game rules and make every match exciting to play and watch!

Looking out for a light-hearted game to play with your friends on game night? The choice is limited and we think GRAVIATORS will fit perfectly in your selection of games to play on your couch!

GRAVIATORS can be played competitively 1v1, in teams of 2v2 or cooperatively in our CO-OP highscore game mode.

  • 1-4 Player (1v1, 2v2, CO-OP 1-2 Players)
  • Local 1-4 Player (shared screen) and Hotseat (as in v1.0)
  • Online Multiplayer (will be added with your support!)
  • 3 Game modes (Versus Arena, Planetary Arena and Meteor Shower)
  • Full controller support
  • machine-learned AI opponents

Furthermore, the game was designed with an easy to learn, easy to master approach, while still offering the opportunity for creative gameplay and a high amount of player expression through its mechanics and powers.

With a low skill entry level it manages to build a bridge between casual and competitive players.

GRAVIATORS offers physics based gameplay with just a few and easy controls. Apart from the base directional input for movement, this game uses three additional keys to activate your abilities.

Gravity Ability: attract the ball to orbit around you.

Shield Ability: repel nearby objects away from you.

Boost Ability: boost your engines to move quickly around the playing field.

With these tools you can position yourself strategically, utilize your abilities to gain control over the ball and then shoot it towards the enemy goal.


Players: 2-4

The classic game mode of Graviators. Outplay opponents in the vanilla arena of GRAVIATORS!

Simple Rules: Two Teams (either 1v1 or 2v2) face each other and try to score points by shooting the ball into the opponents goal. The catch? The goals are protected by shields. Destroy them first to get some temporary points and score a goal after that to add them to your score!


Players: 2-4

A twist on the base rules of the game, thanks to a black hole! Two Teams (either 1v1 or 2v2) face each other, defending their planet in an arena where the whole side of the screen counts as their goal. In addition to that, the playing field is divided by black hole barrier. Shooting the ball through the black hole gives it more power and will make it fly extremely fast!


Players: 1-2 CO-OP

The CO-OP Highscore mode to play and compete with your friends! Protect your planet and survive the oncoming waves of asteroids! Destroy them quickly to build up a high multiplier. With further waves, new kinds of asteroids are gradually added to the fray and special objects will spice up your game.

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GraviatorsStoreFront outerColore

German developers, Couch in the Woods Interactive, will soon bring the nostalgic flair of classic games back to the couch with its new team arena sports game in space - GRAVIATORS! The game that was literally developed on the couch in the deep German woods will be released at the beginning of 2023!

GRAVIATORS is a lightweight esports game where teams compete topdown in space arenas. If you like Rocket League, but are looking for something casual to have a hell of a lot of fun on the couch with your noob friends too, then GRAVIATORS is the right choice for you! It is easy to learn AND easy to master while offering exciting mechanics for creative gameplay.

“We fusioned esports with casual gaming and created something that we were missing in our student life...a couch party game for everyone with the special hook, that people would start to like playing competitively even if they're not used to.” - Markus and Robert, the developers of GRAVIATORS.

SteamPageScreenshot MeteorShower


Use your spacepods special gravity and shield abilities to control the ball and shoot it into the opponent's black hole to score points. Bring your friends to your couch to compete against each other or other teams online. Go solo and play against AI or random people online - the choice and fun are limitless! GRAVIATORS has 3 different game modes:

Versus Arena: Destroy shields around your opponent's black hole to get temporary points. Shoot inside the black hole to score goals and add your points to the scoreboard!

Planetary Arena: The goals are located on each side of the screen and the playfield is divided by a black hole. Use it to give the ball some extra power! Destroy the shields and score goals to add points to the scoreboard!

Meteor Shower: Protect your planet and survive incoming waves of asteroids! Destroy them quickly to build up a higher multiplier. With further waves, new kinds of asteroids and other dangerous objects will appear.

Stay tuned for more information and come together to ride the gravity wave.

SteamPageScreenshot MeteorShower 1

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