You're a man armed only with his grapple. Being chased by lava, water, and other things that can kill you, you need to go up.. and keep going up until you are far away from any danger. Grapple Hero is a different take on the platform jumper games, where your only means of movement is attaching your grapple to the next platform above you.

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Got a lot done today, the biggest thing is the ability to actually lose on a level. Once you hit lava that's it its game over. Also added music and sound today, I am using the awesome Howler.js which was a snap to setup and is a breeze to use. The music I'm using comes from the amazing Deceased Superior Technician.

Still have a lot of things to add though of course. But the next thing on the list is definitely the win condition. Right now no matter what you will eventually lose even if you get to the top. Hopefully I can finish up that functionality tomorrow... I happen to be getting my Oculus Rift tomorrow as well, so I may have to dedicate some time to that.

I also was able to put together a site for the game today its not much but the demo builds will always be updated there, and once the game is finished you'll be able to grab the completed vs from there as well.

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