Grand Theft Auto was one of those games that we all call revolutionary. GTA was denied in many countries and gained attention of media. As an unknown gangster, your goal is to complete missions for crime bosses and gain respect in the hood of Liberty City, Vice city and San Andreas. The game had ugly graphics, but it's gameplay, atmosphere and lots of violence made it very popular and widely known all over the world. A free download of this game is available directly from Rockstar. Please follow the terms and conditions of this download. Mod DB does not endorse software piracy in any way, shape or form and will not condone illegal distribution of this file against Rockstar's own terms and conditions.

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Great game, but it is very difficult. If you lose in a mission, there is no way to replay it. That was fixed in GTA 2, but it's a shame because GTA has a unique atmosphere, GTA 2 was more surreal, here you have Chinese mafia, Mexican, a corrupt police (here it all started) in GTA 2 you have ¿REDNECKS like Elvis?, ¿Scientists? and the zaibatsu that repeats itself like chicken soup (¿WHY REPEAT A BAND WITHOUT STYLE OR GRACE?).


GTA I Nice
This a work to Screen-res ALL normal!



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Grand Theft Auto... Where do I begin? Many things can be said about GTA, It's that game that angered Lawmakers, Parents, and the media over it's schemes.

GTA has you playing as a criminal who is looking for Dishonest money while evading Gangsters, The Police, and even Elvis impersonators.

Grand Theft Auto and it's Sequel Grand Theft Auto 2 set the standard for all GTA games with a top down 2-Demensional view. While GTA did not have as many weapons as later games did, It still have the basic Pistol, Machine Gun, and Rocket launcher.

The game sets you in all three cities featured in later GTA games:Vice City, Florida. Liberty City, New York, and the State Of San Andreas.. In each city, There are unique cars and missions which relate the current location.

While it did not feature Vigilante Missions, Firefighter Missions, Hidden Packages, or the radio stations that had many songs on them, The original Grand Theft Auto set a standard of how to make money..Dishonestly.

Nice game very nice. But it isn't nice around these days


Although its kinda old,but its an interesting game at that time.

I remember when I was going to internet caffe to play this game!!

Fun was back then!!


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