"Gone" was created for the second edition of the "Artgame Weekend" Game Jam in Paris, in April 2011. Much to our surprise, it won!

Since this came out of a Game Jam and none of the others has an indieDB account it didn't seem worth it to create a one-off development group. Here is the list full list of contributors:

  • Romain BONNIN - Design
  • Claire SISTACH - Design
  • Cesar ESPEJO - Art
  • Fabien CAZENBE - Art
  • Lionel JABRE - Art
  • Lise GEORGE - Music
  • William DYCE (that's me) - Programming

We're just finishing up a new-and-improved version of the 48-hour one, due to be released... imminently! Also check us out on:

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Google has a few rather tedious signing, aligning and naming conventions to obey if you want your app published on their site. Hence although the improved version was finished some time ago, I've actually been struggling for the past week or so trying to get the damn thing into an upload-able state <:-/

But enough excuses, here is a link:

Give it a try - it's free, and while it's drafted as an "artgame" a lot of thought has gone into making Gone enjoyable to play :)

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Improved version (May 2011)

Improved version (May 2011)

Full Version

NB - in order to upload this I changed the extension from APK to ZIP. After downloading simply change it back to APK to upload to your phone/emulator...

anonymousjim - - 29 comments

quite a neat little game. I managed to keep going for quite a while without dying, it gets a bit on the monotonous side though. Could have done with advancing levels perhaps, other than that, good work!

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Arvind - - 242 comments

looks great! now where did i keep my android phone ;)

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