Set in medieval times, Goblin Raiders is a comical, physics-based mobile game with a unique and addictive gameplay mechanic that combines both strategy and skill. The goblin horde will attempt to scale your castle walls. Do whatever it takes to prevent them reaching the top. Smash their heads with rocks, drop poison on them, set them on fire, shoot them with arrows, blow them to smithereens - annihilate them any way you like, the choice is yours!


  • A Story-Driven Campaign Spanning 9 Hours of Mayhem
  • 30 Unique and Bizarre Enemy Types Including Bosses
  • Over 30 Weapons Including Crossbows, Archers and Special Types
  • Mini Games (Part Of Main Campaign)
  • Unlockable Survival Modes For Endless Chaos
  • 8-Bit Style Retro Graphics

Animated GIFs

A single strike on an enemy with a standard rock

Taking out 4 goblins with a single rock. Combos can be extremely effective (and rewarding!)

Demonstration of how fire can be used strategically

Beware the archers! They are tough and can take out your flags from a distance

If you wish to be notified of the game's release date then please sign up at the main website:

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The official trailer for Goblin Raiders has been released. Enjoy! :)

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Goblin Raiders has been released! Download it today from Apple's App Store and Google Play

Oct 23 2020

All achievements/medals have been tested despite the huge number of them :) #gamersunite #ipadgames #8bit #pixelart

Nov 9 2017

Busy busy busy testing the achievements/medals. There's soooo many of them! :P #indiegames #mobilegames #ios #ipad

Nov 7 2017

UPDATE: Four unlockable skirmish modes have been added alongside the main campaign mode. #mobilegames #ios #ipad

Nov 5 2017

The #music for Goblin Raiders is complete! The game now has a custom composed #epic orchestral/medieval #soundtrack!

Oct 27 2017

Hmmm... how would goblins celebrate #Halloween?

Oct 27 2017

Beware the goblin bezerkers! They will let out a scream before charging up your castle walls.…

Oct 25 2017

Adding the final few in-game tutorials. Looking great so far! #gamedev #indiedev #ios #ipad

Oct 23 2017