Gemot games features:-
-Our fully custom, clean and stable dark gdk/dbpro based dx11 language.
-Up to and over 1080p display support (fully open ended. Choose any resolution your equipment can produce)
-A wide range of gfx and shader functions.
-A custom swarm engine that allows instancing and instance hot swapping of 3d objects on a massive scale (thousands of objects per cycle)
-Ai preemptive precursor (An ai routine that controls the "up next" tokens. It runs predictory scans of your play grid and tries to gauge what your logical next move will be. It then alters the "up next" token, up to 3 moves ahead based on this. It has multiple, selectable personalities and is also influenced by how well you play. It can bail you out or it can try to bury you.)
-Ai opponent with customizable personality. (intelligence and aggression)
-Basic home brew physics
-Multiple special tokens and even player special attacks
-Multiple game modes, challenges and difficulty settings
-Selectable play field and sky box themes
-Up to 10 individual in play gem types (not including the specials)
-Full gfx engine customization via menu screen.
-An extremely low ram/vram/gpu footprint that allows the game to be played on basic laptops.
-2 player multiplayer the old fashioned way ( 2 controllers, one copy of the game)
-High score boards
-5.1 3d positional audio
-A nice thumping dreamy selection of audio tracks composed by Deceased Superior Technician, edited/reworked/remixed by retro reboot for gemot games.
-Full controller and rumble support with a special profile for xbox 360 controllers.
-A lovely, responsive, non restrictive control system

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All in a nights work...


Change log:


-Started adding planned additional wall decals (play field starting to look less bare now)
-Multiple new audio tracks edited and worked.
-Replaced a couple of audio place holders with proper audio.
-Special token "anti grav flip" (flips the board upside down then lets the gems drop, triggering combos')
-Player special attack/bomb partial implemented and basically functional (minus animation atm)
-Bigger range of variation for the shrapnel fragments.


-Fixed a bug with the score popups during multi player
-Fixed a couple of logic gaps/bugs with the in play token. RE them misbehaving while flipping/shuffling during landing.
-Fixed a bug in the engine that caused .png transparency textures to artifact and not display correctly. (big rework but showing now as should with shadows now showing instead of glitching)
-Fixed an animation timing bug that caused micro stammer throughout the engine.
-Fixed a engine shader/equipment bug that caused the game to run with missing gfx effects on dx 9 and 10 gfx gpu's (engine couldn't find the correct shader fall back settings if dx 11 wasn't available.)
-Altered token speed versus current level to make it harder (the specials, once fully implemented will balance out the difficulty)
-Reduced overheads further for swarm engine and shader gpu usage.
-Ran tests with hardware based tessellation with a view to implementing it on the play field. (atm it has a large footprint and is debatable if it makes the game look better or worse)

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Gemot Games Alpha Demo

Gemot Games Alpha Demo

Demo 1 comment

GEMOT GAMES ALPHA DEMO This is a restricted alpha build demonstration from our recent stable build. Its from an still incomplete game. Features are locked...

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