Game Of Shapes is about the simple adventures of 2 best friends, square and circle. Things are going well, all is normal, but pretty soon that will turn for the worst, as our heroes will have to survive in world of dying shapes!

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Development on Hold! :(


So my PC broke... Indeed, it is a sad thing, after all it cost me around $2.5k build, and all summer and all fall to save up that much. However, since the parts were purchased less then a year ago, they are still under manufacture warranty, and should (hopefully) be fixed by the weekend.

It simply won't start, nothing will pop up on the screen when i boot it up. I think the issue is with the graphics card, as the fans and everything turn on, as well as the light on the motherboard, but nothing shows up on the screen. I have done plenty of troubleshooting, and nothing works. So, I am taking to the place where I bought all the parts and having them replaced.

What does this mean for the development of Game Of Shapes?
Nothing really. It only means that no development will be accomplished until my PC is fixed. Now, I'm hoping to have it fixed by the weekend, however I don't know if I will have to pay for any new parts in my PC, and if the case is that I do have to buy new parts, then development will be stopped until I can save up the money to buy said parts.
I have a week off school next week for spring break, and am hoping to get lots of work done on the game before I have to get back to school, but unless my computer gets fixed, that won't happen. If I do manage to get my computer fixed by the weekend, expect lots of updates throughout the week!

Thats about it for this sad post, stay tuned for news on my PC!

- Dawson

The Shape of the Future

The Shape of the Future


All will be told of our plans for Game Of Shapes, including: WTF IS GAME OF SHAPES?!?!

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Early Concept

Early Concept


This demonstrates the ability to switch between characters, as well as our W.I.P collision system. We will soon create a patcher that will automatically...

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